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Why did I join Netcetera?

In a world brimming with opportunities, our CEO - Carsten Wengel, reflects on why he chose our company to embark on his professional journey.

Discover the purpose, passion, and thriving innovation that convinced him to make Netcetera his home and join a company that can positively impact the world.
When do you join? 

Why did I join Netcetera – by CEO Carsten Wengel

Angelika - Head of Content

"In the 15 years with Netcetera, the company, and people have grown and evolved in many aspects. And so I had the opportunity to grow and evolve, define new positions and responsibilities for myself, and build up new areas where the need emerged. Show initiative, and you can carve out a great path for yourself at Netcetera!"

Davide - Senior Software Engineer

"Netcetera makes you feel like you are part of a big, friendly family. I love the general culture of trust and openness in the workplace, the respect and care for the employees, and the flexibility that the company gives. On top of that, one can partake in many different and interesting projects and further develop a professional career with all the support needed."


Dejan - Senior Software Engineer

"Netcetera is not a company of software engineers and managers. Netcetera is a place where baristas, magicians, beer makers, bikers, musicians, paragliders, pilots, and gamers work… who happen to be IT experts as well."

Marija - Software Engineer

"I sought an environment with innovation, creativity, inspiring individuals, and impactful projects. Netcetera's commitment to respect, learning, and best practices made it my top choice for professional and personal growth."

Igor - Automation Test Engineer

"I joined Netcetera's internship after attending their QA webinar. It was an amazing experience with a dedicated mentor, real projects, and company events. The importance of QA in software development and the opportunity to improve product quality made Netcetera the perfect career launchpad."

Tanja - Senior Product Manager

"I searched for a stable but vibrant company where your voice is heard and you can have an impact as a Product Manager. The last years with Netcetera have proven that I made the right choice."

Michael - Senior Product Manager

"To me, Netcetera provides a great opportunity to get involved and influence much more than just your job. The organizational structure allows for participation and opportunities for personal growth far exceeding that of other companies."

Martin - Senior Project Manager

"The opportunity to work on high-scale projects and the positive atmosphere created a perfect environment for me to develop professionally and personally.
I especially love the inclusive and supportive company culture."

Zdravko - Senior Software Engineer

"Finding a job that provides both comfort and growth opportunities is not easy. Fortunately, the Netcetera office in Ohrid offers me exactly that. I have a warm working environment with colleagues who have become like family, and an international professional context that motivates and inspires my career expansion. Returning to the office is always a pleasure, as we enjoy a blend of work, IT excellence, and fun activities such as playing board games together."


Gjorgji - Senior Application Support Engineer

"At Netcetera, I worked with the payment industry and IT experts, gaining exposure to modern technologies. I also enjoyed the freedom to tackle diverse projects based on my proven problem-solving abilities."


Jovana - Senior Software Engineer

"I feel incredibly fortunate and grateful for my first work experience at Netcetera. Whether I was in Ohrid, Skopje, or other locations, I discovered that all Netcetera locations share the same unified work culture. Initially, I thought it would be challenging to fit in, but I quickly realized I was mistaken. Over the course of five years, I’ve grown technically and, more importantly, experienced personal growth inherent to this environment. I encourage Netcetera to continue on this path because being part of such a positive and supportive atmosphere feels truly remarkable."


Borka - Senior Software Engineer

"At Netcetera, I had an incredible opportunity to delve into a captivating payment security project. I expanded my skills and embraced diverse opportunities beyond my core role. The culture of growth allowed me to make a meaningful impact in the field of payment security and continually challenge myself professionally. Working with industry experts and modern technologies, I had the freedom to tackle various projects successfully."

Dragan - Talent Marketing Manager

"Being part of Netcetera is fun and exciting, especially when part of your job is to create a fun and exciting experience for everyone. I love the rock’n’roll spirit of this company, the camaraderie, and the professionalism."

Niklas - Senior Software Engineer

"I like the flexibility we get at Netcetera.I consider a lot of my colleagues as friends, which makes work fun and it's easy to discuss if there are any issues or if we're stuck with something."

Apprentices & Interns

Every person who joins us at Netcetera has a unique impact on the company journey, no matter what career level they are at. We think everyone’s story is worth listening to and we are curious to see how they continue. We talked to our interns and apprentices and had them share their stories, which you can hear below.

Nick & Aaron

Aaron: During my apprenticeship at Netcetera, I was able to extend my professional experience, meet new people and learn a lot naturally.

Nick: During the training, I was given the freedom to acquire knowledge on my own. In case of problems, if something was unclear or I had open questions, someone experienced from Netcetera was always at my side.

What it feels like to be a Netceterian or a Netcetera intern:

What it feels like to be a Netceterian

What it's like to be an Intern at Netcetera?


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