Digital Banking

Perfecting the end-to-end customer interface for banks

Let us help you future-proof your banking services and reach a burgeoning market segment, all while keeping in close contact with your customers.

Nowadays, digitalisation of services is more important than ever, and nowhere is it more important than banking. However, many banking institutions may need help transitioning from physical to e-banking and mobile banking solutions. This is where Netcetera comes in. With over 25 years of experience in providing digitalised banking solutions, we understand your pain points and know exactly how to support you, whether you need to start from scratch, update your existing solution or create something entirely new. We want to create the perfect user journey for your customers, where they can access the banking services they need, whenever they want, wherever they are. Keep your customers closer than ever with friendly, easy to use interfaces.

Awards for our excellent solutions

Some of our satisfied customers

All-in-one wallet app

Native mobile banking app

Digital wallet solution

Easy authentication for customers

We offer a modular and open digital banking platform

Standardized integration to core banking systems and third-party products

Can be tailored to your customers’ individual needs

Extendable with custom-made modules or integration of third-party modules

Can be operated as a SaaS or on-premise solution

Modularity - standalone and modular setup

Native approach - ensuring an intuitive user journey by applying a consistent native UX

Your benefits


In line with customer and business requirements

Best user experience and high security

On all platforms

One solution

For all customer segments

Easy Integration

with core banking systems and third party solutions

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