Embedded Finance: Transforming the Banking Value Chain

Embedded finance-enabled user journeys are transforming the strategies of financial institutions from relationship-driven to capability-driven approaches. This report, presented by Mobey Forum’s Payments Expert Group with contribution from Netcetera, explains embedded finance and will arm the critical information to understand its impact on the financial services industry and beyond.

The Mobey Forum’s Payments Expert Group defines embedded finance as the integration of financial services to enhance and complement a third-party service offering from a banking or non-banking provider. This creates a convenient end-to-end journey with minimal friction for the end user.

The report explains how the traditional value chain is changing, explores the roles banks can play, and outlines the strategic relevance and urgency for banks to seize substantial opportunities in embedded finance.

What are the drivers of embedded finance?

  • End-to-end user journeys are taking center stage and integrating financial services.
  • Organisations with customer touchpoints are in control of the customer journey and extend their role deep into the value chain.
  • The digitalization of processes and customer experiences in banking enables organizations to strategically extend their role in the value chain through modular services.

If your bank is not yet pursuing a well-defined strategy, you should familiarize yourself with the drivers of embedded finance, its relevance, and its impact on the industry’s traditional value chain. Doing so will help you create a tailored strategy to help your institution prosper.

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Lennart Schmidt

Associate Sales Director, Digital Banking

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