Embracing Sustainability
and Doing What Truly Matters

Sustainability at Netcetera

Welcome to the place where innovation meets sustainability

As a frontrunner in software development and a digital powerhouse of the SecureTech Company G+D, we are committed to driving positive change through technology while prioritizing environmental, social and economic responsibility and sustainability.

EcoVadis silver medal for sustainability practices

Sustainability is one of the fundamental aspects of Netcetera’s corporate strategy, and the EcoVadis silver medal is an acknowledgment of the company’s continuous dedication to integrating social and environmental values into all its business operations.

It distinguishes Netcetera as a driver of positive changes in the software industry and confirms the company’s sustainable management of its economic, social, and environmental impacts and relationships with stakeholders.

Turning Software into Value

Sustainability is not just a word for Netcetera; it is our mission!

We aim to promote and integrate sustainability in all of our operations, serving and caring for our clients, partners, and our people, and

We do this by taking responsibility, pushing the boundaries of digital possibilities, and creating opportunities for businesses.

Netcetera’s sustainability mission spreads across three basic pillars:


We aim to actively build our understanding of the impact of our business activities on the environment, taking responsibility for our greenhouse gas emissions and making meaningful environmental, economic, and social impacts through the design and use of our software products.


We are dedicated to establishing an inclusive, diverse and safe work environment that fosters continuous learning, empowering every individual to achieve their full potential. IT Security & Protection and Data privacy form a core part of our corporate mission, and we aim to achieve the highest standards of excellence. We care about contributing to the societies and communities of which we are a part and strive to strengthen the trust and confidence of our stakeholders.


We aim to sustain our commitment to acting ethically, transparently, and with the highest levels of integrity throughout all our business-related activities and extend this commitment across our supply chain.

The impact

We have identified the sustainability topics with significant potential for impact and have established ambition targets for each topic.

On our way to a more innovative, inclusive, and sustainable digital future!

Come join us. Together, we can achieve more!

Code of Conduct

Our focus remains human-centric.

Approaching the topics with: 

Responsibility and awareness 

Always remember that we aim to: 

Evolve, Learn, Grow and Progress!

Strongly standing behind the values related to: 

People, Society, Responsibility, Dialog, Transparency & Accountability, Trust & Confidence, Security, Progress, Regulations, Future …

Check our ambitious goals, and how we plan to make them a reality.

Your Voice Matters to Us!

Any of your thoughts or suggestions on how to drive impactful changes in sustainable development are more than welcome.