Track record

A small sample of our 2190 successful client projects

SIX debiX+ app - Online shopping with debit card

one app - the Viseca customer portal

FIDO authentication standard

Real estate valuation platform for Wüest Partner

All-in-one wallet app tailored to customers' needs

One-click checkout payment

Interactive passenger information system for Swiss railway company SOB

Transformation to agile processes

NZZ news app with reading recommendations, watch lists & important daily info

Native mobile banking app

Wemlin Ticket app for smartphones

Mobile order entry: digital platform optimizes clinical processes

P40 - The fully digitalised management system for pension funds

White label wallet: Digitization of credit and debit cards

High-performance system integration

Contactless payment with biometrics

Partnering to balance security and customer experience

Latest authentication technology

Acceleration of online payment security

Two European payment powerhouses team up on ACS

Cashless payment protection in the CEE region

Towards secure and smooth online experience

Driving digital payment in Africa

Introducing biometric reading in MENA region

LianLian Global: cross-border funds collection

Smart 3-D Secure solution with AI engine

Digitizing hospital processes with Healthcare Ecosystem

Digital travel companion

Secure 3-D Secure authentication

Mobile contactless payment with digital wallet

Pan-European path coordination system

Incident management system

First 3-D Secure 2.0 transactions in Switzerland

3DS ACS makes a mark in the Middle East

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