Towards secure and smooth online experience

Fime enables its clients to create and launch trusted and secure solutions with consulting and testing services in payments, smart mobility, biometrics, authentication and open banking. It offers global cross-industry perspective, local insight, and unique heritage in testing and certification. Fime’s consultants provide transformative business expertise, partnering with organizations worldwide to define, design, deliver and test their products and services. With 400+ experts around the world, Fime works strategically to help its clients turn ideas into reality, swiftly take products to market, and achieve competitive advantage. Working together, Fime turns powerful innovations into the future of trusted transactions.

Ensuring EMV 3DS compliance with the latest standards

Both Fime and Netcetera are long-standing participants and technical associates of EMVCo with extensive expertise in the payment area. The companies have a global presence to provide local support to customers around the world.


Fast time to market


Enabling great testing product to be used by customers globally

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