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Emilija, Valerija and Ljubomir in front of our office in Skopje, one of the longest standing locations of the Netcetera Group

Software matters

As a leading Swiss software company, we support our customers worldwide with trend-setting products and custom software. We cover the entire IT service lifecycle, from strategy to implementation and operation. Our balanced combination of cutting-edge technology and proven standards ensures investment security, from large-scale projects to innovative start-ups. Our 500 employees have one common goal: to help our customers reach their digital business targets.

The Netcetera Group  – a well coordinated network

In the last 20 years, we have also grown as a group. Founded in 1996 by five study colleagues, we have grown to an international holding company with several affiliates complementing our services. And whenever necessary, we also call on proven professionals from our extensive network in the IT scene.

Affiliate companies

The following companies are part of the Netcetera Group:


Blokverse is a Netcetera spin-off founded to bring the DLT based platform Attainr to the market. Attainr is a secure, full-fledged platform to manage digital education credentials. It addresses the challenges in the field of education with the merits of decentralization: secure, tamper-proof creation and issuance of digital credentials which then can be easily verified by the relying parties.

Find more information at: blokverse.com


Braingroup digitizes your world of advisory: Braingroup is leading in the digital transformation of advisory and sales processes.
With Omnium, Braingroup sets new standards in the digital advisory support for banks, insurances and health insurances. Omnium is based on a strict omni-channel strategy and enables bi-directional communication between customer portal (self-service advisory), face-to-face advisory (counseling interview) and expert advisory.

Find more information at: braingroup.ch


Cognism goes beyond company and contact data. We deliver your operational needs with industry leading data. In addition, we apply machine learning to your anonymized data to find fresh opportunities through our dynamic buyer persona discovery delivering next generation customer insights.

Find more information at: cognism.com

D ONE is one of the leading swiss companies for data, machine learning and artificial intelligence with national and international customers and a team of 40 experts for data driven value creation. D ONE designs and implements projects which create value from data, acts as guide on the journey to a data driven enterprise, and helps companies to shape processes, organizational structure, and company culture, leveraging the hands-on know how along the entire value chain.

Find more information at: d-one.ai


ProCentric is a technology-independent IT service provider, who consistently designs and implements BPM-based individual software with an experienced team of specialists for innovative companies.

Find more information at: procentric.ch

Rhumbnet is a leading IT service company that supports its customers and partners in the GCC region in the inevitable trend of digital transformation. Based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, the company brings the ideal blend of regional culture with the state-of-the-art products and services.

Find more information at: rhumbnet.ae

Unitek is specialized in processing financial data. In the last 30 years we have successfully integrated financial data (market data, master data, news) from over 60 sources into various systems. In addition to data integration, we also specialize in data processing (e.g. offering management, risk management) and data distribution in heterogeneous environments.

Find more information at: unitek.ch


Together with the Aduno Group and Swisscard we founded in 2016 a joint venture for the development and operation of digital payment solutions.

SwissWallet is a digital wallet where the consumer can centrally store their credit cards and manage and use them with just one single password.

Find more information at: swisswallet.ch

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