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We help you leverage artificial intelligence at enterprise grade and scale

We open new possibilities for companies to achieve business benefits with secure AI-supported applications. You will be able to transition from simple AI experiments to productive AI solutions that generate immediate business value. Our longstanding experience and proven track record in Artificial Intelligence combined with our expertise in highly regulated and security-driven environments, enterprise-ready software development, and user experience create opportunities for your growth.


Our track record spans various business sectors including insurance, health, real-estate, medical image analysis, transport, and corporate management.

Find the specific information easily and without searching

Netcetera DocDive transforms information retrieval, harnessing large language models to streamline interactions with PDFs, databases, FAQs, and web pages. Its user-friendly chat interface answers questions, extracts document sources, and highlights relevant data, ensuring high accuracy, transparency, and efficiency.

AI Virtual Banking Assistant for the ultimate Customer Experience

The incorporation of chatbots has transformed conversational banking, serving as a crucial catalyst in the financial industry's advancement. This transformation is driven by the quest for an improved customer experience, increased operational efficiency, substantial digitalization efforts, and a commitment to enhancing financial literacy.

An AI banking assistant empowers you with personalized, conversational, and efficient mobile and web banking services at your fingertips.

Fill your forms simply through talking to a smart assistant

Filling forms and templates can be time-consuming and challenging, especially when dealing with multiple forms or unfriendly interfaces. Speech2form integrates speech recognition and AI to streamline this process. It extracts data from your natural language speech, understands intent, and fills the appropriate form. This saves time, increases efficiency, and allows employees to focus on more complex tasks.

Operational transformation and automation

Netcetera Digital Document Processing extracts structured information from documents. By using Machine Learning, it extracts and organizes relevant information from complex content in any document format and structures it for further processing.

Screen genetic disorders faster, cheaper and more accurately

350 million people globally suffer from over 10,000 genetic disorders/rare diseases, with less than 500 having approved treatments. Rare disease management has been perceived to lack profitability due to high costs, slow patient identification for clinical trials, and inaccurate diagnostics. Netcetera's Phivea® platform with Gmendel addresses this with advanced AI and customized deep learning for accurate diagnosis and real-time clinical intervention prediction. Phivea aims to revolutionize genetic analysis within existing healthcare protocols, improving accessibility and outcomes.

Streamline underwriting process for insurance

Insurance underwriters often invest significant time analyzing low-risk applicants, causing delays and suboptimal customer experiences. Netcetera's collaboration with a leading insurance provider resulted in an ML-based tool, empowering underwriters to focus on critical tasks. This enhances operational efficiency, improves customer experience, saves costs, and enables future insight-driven decision-making.

Detect fraud, and automate health insurance claims processing

Healthcare insurance faces up to 30% higher costs due to fraudulent claims, leading to significant financial losses. Traditional rule-based approaches to combat waste, abuse, and fraud (WAF) are limited and require extensive expertise, missing cases that should be rejected. Netcetera's RISIC, a machine learning-based software, doubles savings rates by detecting fraudulent claims. Its predictive analysis is flexible and focuses on outcomes, overcoming limitations of rules-based systems.


Cutting-edge AI expertise and our diverse team of specialists help you gain business advantage

Business relevant

We help you identify the most adequate use cases within your business that can be optimized using AI techniques to create real value.

From data to insights

Data engineering: We acquire, clean, prepare, process, and analyze any kind of data to provide you with the insights you can convert into immediate business value.

Lean, agile, and open

While we master technology and security, our clients possess business know-how. Principles underlying lean and agile development help us combine the best of these worlds.

Scaling and secure integration

We push AI-driven software into production systems ensuring security, data protection and business relevance through seamless embedding in existing systems and workflows.

Turning software into value

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