Improve business productivity with IoT

Launching our customizable platform n-things

We are proudly introducing our customizable all-in-one IoT platform n-things at The Things Conference in Amsterdam end of January. Incorporating IoT in the working processes can turn your business model from stagnation to success. n-things supplies the tools to make an improved business strategy a reality.

Our n-things platform along with fast devices and infrastructure integration can bring an IoT system to production in no time. The solution is designed as customizable containerized building blocks, which are easily scalable, efficient and robust: Core, LoRaWAN service, Wi-Fi service, third party data service, Data processing and statistics services. We are also able to leverage artificial intelligence to optimally use the data and go even further by incorporating augmented reality as part of the solution.

We are showcasing the n-things platform and one implementation, our crowdsourcing platform that gathers and presents environmental data, at The Things Conference. This IoT focused event is the largest LoRaWAN conference in the world. The conference aims to bring people a wealth of knowledge concerning LoRaWAN through engaging keynotes, interactive workshops and live demonstrations.

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