Artificial Intelligence

Revolutionary new opportunities for the entire economy

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From consultation to production-ready software — we help you leverage artificial intelligence at enterprise grade and scale

The use of AI-supported applications brings revolutionary new possibilities for the entire economy. We open these new possibilities to companies to achieve business benefits. We help you make the transition from AI experiments to productive AI solutions that generate immediate business value. Longstanding experience in the field of AI with a proven track record. Combine that with the powerhouses that provide us with enterprise-ready requirements engineering, software development, user experience, and IT operations


Cutting-edge AI expertise and our diverse team of specialists help you gain business advantage

Hit the bullseye

We help you identify the most adequate use cases within your business that can be optimized using AI techniques.

From data to insights

Data engineering: We acquire, clean, prepare, process, and analyze any kind of data to provide you with the insights you can convert into immediate business value.

Lean, agile, and open

While we master technology, our clients possess business know-how. Principles underlying lean and agile development help us combine the best of these worlds.

Scaling to an enterprise level

We push AI-driven software into production systems with our network to specialized partners, access to the AI talent market, and our experience with full cycle enterprise software projects.


Our track record spans various business sectors including insurance, health, real-estate, medical image analysis, transport, and corporate management.


Machine learning based defect detection for OEMs

Our customizable and easy-to-use computer vision product “fs-vision” utilizes cutting-edge machine learning techniques to automatize defect detection in manufacturing processes. Our clients are able to detect similar and previously unseen defects without human intervention. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) applying the technology can therefore speed up their entire supply chain without expert knowledge.


Stop losing money. Today.

Machine Learning system that puts healthcare insurance providers in control of waste, abuse, and fraud. RiSIC uses AI and machine learning to monitor claims in real time and offers powerful benefits that are unique in the market.

Face Detection — Offline.

Secure and cloud-independent on your mobile device

A state-of-the art face recognition system that uses the FaceNet Convolutional Neural Network to recognize faces requiring not more than a single image per person.

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