Digital Document Processing

Intelligent solution for extracting information from documents

To stay relevant for the future customer with fast and personalized offers, you need operational transformation and automation of processes. Only structured information can be processed automatically.

Netcetera Digital Document Processing (DDP) extracts structured information from documents and leverages the automation of business processes and the digitalization of enterprises.

By using Machine Learning, it extracts and organizes relevant information from complex content in any document format and structures it for further processing. Netcetera DDP not only helps you obtain information from unstructured documents but also connects to other systems in your company environment.  

Digital Document Processing is suited for mid to large companies across all industries that want to transform their business into a data-driven and customer-centric digital ecosystem. The extraction of data and its creation in a processable form enables the improvement of products and services which leads to a new, more digitalized business model. 

Netcetera DDP is a cornerstone for operational transformation and automation and a foundation for better existing and new innovative products and services. An ideal solution not only for banks and insurance companies but for all companies that want to take their business to the next digitalized level.

Using Machine Learning for training any document type for extraction

Mapping the extracted information to a user-defined list of fields

Manual review or automatic processing based on quality thresholds 

Connect to other systems and workflows for automatic routing of the information

Installation: On-premise or as a Service (SaaS)

Seamless integration with your systems and processes

Looking for an easy integration with your company processes?

Netcetera DDP offers you Swiss local support. We can tailor our product specifically to your business needs and in addition, constantly improve our service by obtaining feedback from the manually corrected data.

Your benefits

Cost and efficiency

Faster and more cost-efficient business processes

Optimization of your company’s workload

Reduction of costs


Higher accuracy of extracted information

Measurable quality of extraction process


Validation of data with available information and rules

Sanity checks of information for compliance

By using Digital Document Processing the manual process of opening a document, reading it, extracting the relevant information und putting this information in one or more business systems can be automated and so yielding higher accuracy, measurable quality, and scalability of the business processes.

By automating the information extraction, the business process is faster and cheaper. In addition, sanity checks of the information for compliance and validation with available information and rules can be performed by the system.

Your customer benefits

Smooth and fast processes that save time

Improved customer experience

Self-service for more convenience

24/7 service, independent of working hours

Decreased time for feedback

Make new and innovative services and products available

"Digital Document Processing is a building block to assemble automated processes whenever you have to read data from documents and input that to other systems. One example is to extract information from documents to store the document in the right place with the right metadata."

Thomas Feldmeier

Senior Product Owner & Requirements Engineer, Financial Technology at Netcerera

Why digital document processing?

Is your company troubled by time-consuming and expensive processes? Are you dealing with lots of documents containing data that need to be manually handled for further processing? Are you sure you are making all the right moves for simplifying your customers’ journey?

As a business, you are familiar with the pursuit for high data quality and extracting information from unstructured data. The lack of a joint platform connecting your company ecosystem leads to manual processing that burdens your business agility. This processing (extraction, conversion, and transfer) of data trapped in documents means relying on the human factor,  which does not always guarantee top-quality service. Research has shown that such manual processing can result in less profit and fewer satisfied customers: