Netcetera launches AI Center of Excellence with lead Fatima Taki

Strategic step in further driving business-relevant and secure AI-based solutions

The leading Swiss Software company Netcetera launches their AI Center of Excellence to bundle and leverage their existing know-how and solutions based on Machine Learning, Large Language Models and Generative AI. Netcetera appoints Fatima Taki as the lead for their AI Center of Excellence. As a product owner with a scientific background, she brings in the perfect mix of technology and product innovation expertise and a deep understanding of clients and their business needs.

Netcetera has been relentlessly working to meet increasing demands for AI-based solutions in its diverse markets in the last months. To meet those demands, the software company launched its AI Center of Excellence in February 2024, with Fatima Taki as the lead.

Netcetera CEO Carsten Wengel says: “The AI Center of Excellence brings Netcetera’s AI strategy to the next level: leveraging the existing resources, AI know-how, and solutions shows our commitment to this topic – and to our clients’ demands. I’m thrilled that we were able to win Fatima to lead this endeavor. She will help to continue driving and implementing Netcetera’s AI strategy and solving today’s and future business challenges.”

Business-relevant and secure

Netcetera has a decade-long history of offering solutions based on AI and Machine Learning (ML) methods: From mitigating risks and fraud in payments to enhancing diagnostic accuracy and speed, thus reducing costs for the benefit of patients. The solutions cater to various industries in high-security environments with stringent privacy and compliance requirements. Netcetera’s future-proof AI solutions are embedded seamlessly into workflows and fortified with robust security measures, bringing real value to the business.

In the words of Fatima Taki, Head of AI Center of Excellence: “Netcetera’s legacy in software development worldwide, coupled with our seasoned AI teams and unwavering commitment to quality, client satisfaction, and meeting regulatory requirements, positions us as the trusted partner in delivering AI-based initiatives. I’m excited to develop AI projects and initiatives that shape the future of industries.”

Fatima Taki's scientific background and experience in business development and developing client partnerships place her at the intersection of technology, product innovation, and addressing business objectives. She brings valuable insights to ensure that Netcetera’s solutions exceed the complex and diverse needs of its clients.

Meet Fatima

Fatima Taki

Head of AI Center of Excellence

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