Infosec Cybersecurity

Optimize IT security and minimize business risks

Cyber incidents are one of the most significant business risks for companies today. Cybercrime is a growing problem that should not be underestimated.

Our Infosec cybersecurity team ensures information security at every stage of your project. We create robust systems with high data security and minimize business risks from cyber-attacks. Act proactively instead of reacting and recovering: Preventing your resources from being compromised, data theft, and business and reputational losses.

IT security at every stage


Demand-oriented services for IT security

Optimally synchronized cooperation

of our cyber security specialists with your development teams and project managers

Continuous support

during the entire project life cycle for higher information security

Clearly defined security goals

agreed on by the project participants and evaluated in reports

“The main goal: prioritize security at every stage of software development. Watch my video to learn about more aspects.”

Giuliano Grassi, Principal Security Operation Engineer

“Relying solely on a top-down approach is not sufficient to cover every security aspect. Let me tell you about a better approach.”

Giuliano Grassi, Principal Security Operation Engineer

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Secure IT development

Requirements definition – Together, we identify the security requirements that meet your business objectives.

Security architecture and design – Define and design security controls that fit your architecture and meet your security requirements.

Implementation – With our expertise in requirements definition, architecture, and design, we support your developers with secure coding and in implementing the controls defined beforehand.

Training – Training for your development teams enables you to achieve your security goals and promotes consensus between multiple project stakeholders.

Security review and verification

Code and documentation review – We examine your project for security compliance. You'll receive reports on the extent to which your teams have met security goals and how they stack up against industry security standards.

Vulnerability Analysis – Our detailed system review allows you to identify potential vulnerabilities at all security levels. This results in a comprehensive report with an assessment of the vulnerabilities and recommendations to strengthen your system.

Penetration testing – Your system is exposed to simulated attacks. This allows us to identify vulnerabilities that could lead to resources being compromised. Our report includes full details of how the tests were conducted, evidence and a description of the vulnerabilities with recommendations to strengthen your system.

A matter of trust

220+ banks

use Netcetera's secure mobile solutions


Swiss, German, and Austrian banks trust our products


successful customer projects have built-in security from the beginning

How can you mount a strong defense against cyber-attacks?

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