Netcetera University

Developing a learning organization

What is Netcetera University?

Netcetera University (NCAU) is the learning and development department of Netcetera, established to help employees realize their full potential, become industry experts, and prepare to guide the next generation of Netceterians.

Become the best version of yourself

We invest great energy into personal and professional development and growth. Experienced mentors will guide and support you in establishing SMART goals and developing unique skill sets to shape your authentic professional journey.

Unique benefits for every Netceterian

A healthy, transparent, and collaborative company culture, great fringe benefits, and flexible hybrid work models can give you the freedom to focus on your personal and professional growth. To pursue the possibilities, explore our open job positions, join Netcetera, and enjoy everything Netcetera University can do for you.

The path to building a learning organization

Netcetera’s growth into a learning organization has been intentionally planned.

We continuously work on developing the different disciplines of a learning organization. Here is what we believe in:

Netcetera University’s main focus areas

NCAU supports your personal and professional development, focuses on the learning process of whole teams, and helps the organization grow and learn.

We do all of this by focusing on 4 main areas:

Placing people in the center

Our culture is carefully crafted with one goal - to focus on the people, their needs, and the values they nurture. NCAU’s role is to help individuals, teams, and the organization create awareness of those values and the impact all employees have in shaping Netcetera’s culture.

Empowering your journey

You are in the driver's seat to pursue your dreams and make them a reality, and we support you along the way. Grow and develop through Mentoring and Coaching, discover the perks of our Leadership Programs, benefit from the Technology Switch Program and master a new field, take up a 3rd Career, or help one of our many communities grow.

Learning and developing continuously

Be it in-house or external courses and conferences of your choosing, we provide you with the freedom, a dedicated yearly budget, and personal development days to elevate your personal growth and lead Netcetera into the future.

Fostering community connections

Our Communities are the heart and soul of NCAU. They are informal, self-started group initiatives focusing on specific topics and practices and are driven by the common goals and interests of our Netceterians. It is through Communities that we build a sense of identity and belonging, share knowledge, and learn from each other.

Netcetera University in numbers

Our initiatives are impacting 800+ Netceterians every single year, and have been driving Netcetera’s growth by collecting wisdom and supporting learning, exchange, and positive interactions for 20+ years. Here’s a glimpse of our last 365 days:

How do I enroll into NCAU?

Simple. Become a Netceterian! Every employee automatically enrolls on their first day through our onboarding program, which is a part of the Netcetera Journey.

Check out our open jobs and apply to start your journey with Netcetera!