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In honor of World Earth Day, we invite you to read our exclusive interview with Mila Arsoska, Head of the Sustainability Center of Excellence at Netcetera, which focuses on the company’s environmental sustainability initiatives. Mila explains how Netcetera integrates environmental values into its mission and supports global initiatives to combat climate change. Learn more about Netcetera’s impactful initiatives and vision for a greener future.

1. As the world marks and celebrates 22 April, World Earth Day, could you shed light on the broader significance of environmental sustainability within Netcetera’s overall mission and values? How does this commitment align with global initiatives to safeguard the planet for future generations?

As a forward-thinking company, Netcetera has long prioritized sustainability and environmental protection in all its operations. We have recognized the critical role these initiatives play in shaping the future for generations to come. Having certain maturity in this topic, today, our commitment extends beyond simply embedding sustainability into Netcetera operations; We are dedicated to transitioning towards a regenerative future. This involves actively enhancing the capacity of environmental systems to thrive, a mission we’ve pursued through a thorough materiality assessment conducted last year. Aligned with UN SDG goals, we focus on accelerating the transition to clean energy, decarbonization, and leveraging technology for sustainable practices.

On our way to achieving sustainable operations in all that we do, we aim to empower businesses and individuals, our clients, and our partners to embrace sustainability and contribute to a more regenerative future.

2. Could you share with us some specific initiatives Netcetera has undertaken to reduce its environmental impact?

Net Zero emissions by 2040 – that is one of our main focuses. We’ve already made significant progress, with half of Netcetera locations powered by renewable electricity. In 2023, the company attained a 98% renewable electricity usage rate, with the procurement of Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs), an action which serves as a clear message to the market, showcasing its commitment to renewable energy consumption. This proactive stance reflects Netcetera’s preference for renewables and fuels the advancement of renewable energy development.

In addition, most of our products and services are hosted in data centres and cloud providers that exclusively utilize renewable energy sources. To be able to realize this goal fully, we’re currently formulating a carbon reduction action plan. In addition, we aim to use our innovative strength to design, develop, and operate software products that have a positive environmental, economic, and social impact.” This is where Netcetera Corporate Mobility, Pulse Eco and ToPay Green products come into play. Products like these are designed to empower users with the knowledge to make informed, environmentally conscious choices.

“We must collectively face the challenges, each contributing in its own impactful way to create a better future for all.”

Mila Arsoska
Head of the Sustainability Center of Excellence at Netcetera

3. How does Netcetera incorporate sustainability principles into its operations and decision-making processes?

Sustainability is deeply incorporated into the decision-making processes at all levels, from product development to business strategy.

Throughout the years, we have made many efforts to contribute to waste reduction actions, such as recycling, reducing single-use plastics, and promoting sustainable packaging solutions.

It's part of our plan for 2024 to educate and try to engage our employees in sustainability initiatives through training programs, volunteer opportunities, and internal campaigns.

Embedding sustainability into all Netcetera operations, particularly core functions and workflows, is one more step towards creating value for all our clients.  This makes sustainability part of our company’s DNA and ways of working.

4. In what ways does your company engage with suppliers and partners to promote environmental sustainability throughout the supply chain?

Our partnership with suppliers is crucial in our continuous improvement journey. We seek to collaborate and give an advantage to suppliers who share our commitment to sustainable practices.

These expectations are integrated into our supplier sustainability assessments, where we evaluate their practices. We explore opportunities to source environmentally responsible materials and products and promote ethical labour practices throughout the supply chain.

We also monitor and encourage our suppliers to enhance their sustainability performance, driving positive change and ensuring a collective effort towards environmental stewardship.

5. Looking ahead, what key goals or targets has Netcetera set further to enhance its environmental sustainability efforts in the coming years?

Moving forward, Netcetera is dedicated to advancing its environmental sustainability efforts with ambitious goals and targets. By 2030, we aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 42% from our 2022 baseline. And we don’t stop here.

Our goal for the near future is to create and offer sustainability-focused software products or modules, establish guidelines for integrating green software principles, and ensure all our services operate in data centers or cloud providers powered by 100% renewable energy in the years to come.

It's time for all businesses to step up their sustainability game, whether through environmental initiatives, social responsibility, or both. We must collectively face this challenge with maturity and readiness, each contributing in our impactful way to create a better future for all.

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