Corporate Mobility Platform

Align individual travel needs with company priorities

Netcetera Corporate Mobility is a Mobility-as-a-Service platform for companies that want to reduce travel costs and CO2 emissions and spend less time on travel planning and expense reporting. The platform is based on a patented door-to-door routing system considering all possible modes of transport - all in a single, easy-to-use platform.

With the Netcetera Corporate Mobility Platform we align individual travel needs with corporate priorities such as travel costs, usable travel time and sustainability goals. It helps your employees make informed, environmentally conscious travel decisions and makes your sustainability strategy quantifiable.

Unlike most consumer-facing offerings, our platform allows your employees to conveniently use the most appropriate multimodal connections and even considers your own fleet of vehicles, such as company e-bikes. You decide which forms of mobility you want to promote.

“Transportation is responsible for one-third of all CO2 emissions, but most companies are unaware of their impact. Here’s why it matters.”

Oliver Aeschlimann, Portfolio Owner Smart Mobility

"In recent years the modal split share for public transport has remained relatively unchanged. To ignite its growth, I’ll show you why it’s important to embrace micro-mobility to enable a multimodal travel experience."

Oliver Aeschlimann, Portfolio Owner Smart Mobility

Your benefits

Save time for planning and expense management

Reduce travel costs and maximize efficiency

Hit sustainability goals and make your sustainability strategy quantifiable

Decide which means of transport you want to promote

Gain insights on travel behavior, modes of transportation, spent travel time, and more

Attract and retain talent


Optimized multi-modal route planning

  • Save time for planning a trip by up to 2.5h
  • Up to 35% lower travel costs
  • Minimize environmental impact, maximize efficiency

Focus on simplicity & usability

  • Everything integrated in one platform
  • Single-click booking
  • Latest passenger information before and during travel

Mobility budget management

  • Set monthly mobility budget for employees
  • Implement travel policies that fit your company
  • Parameterization according to priorities such as usable travel time, costs, CO2 savings, etc.

Mobility service provider integration

  • Integration of preferred mobility partners like public transport, car & bike sharing and your own vehicle fleet
  • Traveler support covered by our mobility partners

Expense management & accounting

  • Streamlining of the whole administration processes
  • Private/business invoice separation

Travel insights & ESG reporting

  • Various reports like usage, means of transport used, total travel time, CO2 savings, etc.
  • CO2 reporting without effort

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