Path Coordination System for RailNetEurope

Improved trans-European rail scheduling

Netcetera, leading Swiss software company and global IT solutions innovator, has implemented the new Path Coordination System (PCS) for RailNetEurope (RNE). RNE is a non-profit association that facilitates fast and easy access to the European rail network. The current project is rooted in the close collaboration that started in 2002 and went live in October 2019.

PCS helps 650 users across 30 European countries coordinate rail transport scheduling. It is based on a centralised platform that takes into account the diversity and differences between the countries it serves. The platform builds on a collaboration that started with RailNetEurope in 2002 and Netcetera’s first solution “Pathfinder”. Cultural and organisational differences were taken into account to develop a successful solution. Its ability to share comprehensive timetabling information sparked a 20% reduction in planning and coordination efforts for European passenger and goods traffic.

Máté Bak, Head of PCS at RNE said, “We are very pleased to be able to rely on a strong technology partner such as Netcetera – a team that not only delivers innovation but also understands the complexity of international projects with different cultures and languages. With their support, we have been able to deliver on our mandate of facilitating easy access to rail networks in Europe. Netcetera’s solution, the Path Coordination System and the Pathfinder that preceded it, make planning more efficient and coordination easier in a rail system that includes multiple partners spanning countries and regulatory regimes.”

Harmonizing cross border rail traffic planning

PCS refines the shared scheduling platform by introducing the Empty Envelope Concept. The model addresses overlapping, missing or doubled subsidiary timetables, and helps partners better reconcile stations, times, operating days and other parameters. It ensures calendar consistency by avoiding overlapping days and creating more harmonisation at country borders. Other new features include new GUI elements, time zone flexibility and the management of multiple pre-constructed catalogue paths (Pre-arranged Paths).

Patrik Auf der Mauer, Director Digital Enterprise at Netcetera, said “We are proud that RailNetEurope has been counting on us for over fifteen years. This unique technology-led collaboration helps to harmonise rail traffic across borders. Thanks to our close association with the RailNetEurope teams and their stakeholders, we have been able to devise and deliver technological solutions that bring real-world benefits for Railway Undertakers, Applicants, Infrastructure Managers, Allocation Bodies and Rail Freight Corridors and result in constant innovation and improvement.”

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