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Netcetera enriches its 3-D Secure Issuer Service with Mastercard’s Smart Authentication Risk Intelligence

Netcetera, a global software company and expert in secure and convenient digital payment solutions announced today that it enriches its 3-D Secure Issuer Service with Mastercard’s Smart Authentication Risk Intelligence to help issuers improve their authentication decisions.

Currently, customers of Netcetera 3-D Secure Issuer Service use some of the most advanced authentication tools, such as RiskShield by Inform. It assesses the level of risk for transactions in milliseconds suggesting the appropriate response.

Nowadays, consumers expect a seamless and secure checkout experience. For businesses across Europe, finding the right balance between reducing fraud and optimizing user experience is more important than ever. A simple, frictionless checkout process enhances consumers’ experience and helps merchants minimize cart abandonment and false declines.

Smart Authentication uses EMV 3DS data and Mastercard’s payment and fraud insights to help issuers validate consumers’ identities and approve more genuine transactions. Through this partnership, RiskShield will provide Mastercard’s scores to issuers to enhance their authentication decisioning.

Simeon Miles, Scheme Relationship Manager at Netcetera, said, “Ensuring intelligent real-time risk management within 3DS Issuer service is of great importance to our customer’s bottom line. Consumers expect a seamless and secure shopping experience, and risk-based authentication proves to be a success in delivering exactly this: decreased friction and improved experience.”

Julia Faesser, Vice President of Identity Solutions Europe, Mastercard, said, “Preventing fraud while delivering a seamless customer experience is a challenge for the entire payment ecosystem. Mastercard’s authentication and decisioning solutions leverage our data-driven insights, helping financial institutions prevent fraud and friction for the consumer.”

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