Expansion of Digital Banking

Perfecting the end-to-end customer interface for banks

The leading Swiss software company Netcetera is investing in its digital banking offering and expanding its cloud and product portfolio in this area. In the coming years, a high double-digit million amount will be invested to make the offering more comprehensive and better serve the international market. The topic is not new to Netcetera. Thanks to 25 years of experience in the Swiss fintech industry and various proven product components, a majority of Swiss financial institutions rely on its solutions in mobile banking and payment.

Mobile and web banking are the gold standard today. More than 60% of the EU population uses online banking, in Switzerland this figure reaches 80%, and the trend is still rising. To support the mobile-first behavior of customers, many banks are now using the fourth generation of digital banking.

The challenge for banks today is to offer all use cases end-to-end with attractive functionality via mobile and web channels. Especially in times of decreasing appreciation of established providers and increasing competition from new banks, it is even more important to inspire customers, especially the younger and much less loyal generations.

Netcetera already delivers customized digital banking solutions based on proven product modules. Now the software company is further strengthening this area: In the next few years, the offering of the Digital Banking Division is to be further expanded with the investment of a significant double-digit million sum. Netcetera thus plans to become a major product supplier for the digital customer interface outside Switzerland as well. Likewise, G+D's customer network - over 500 banks internationally - can benefit from this investment, and the group's offering thus ranges from eco-friendly cards to digital payment and banking apps.

Banks need to differentiate themselves with a comprehensive digital offering and ensure direct contact with their customers. We bring together state-of-the-art mobile platforms and complement our offering with the web channel. In addition, we are further preparing our offering for an international market and strengthening our products for digital consulting. This makes us the ideal partner and product supplier for banks.

Martin Meier

Co-Managing Director Digital Banking at Netcetera

Instead of classic "make or buy" Netcetera offers a flexible approach

A "make or buy" decision always involves compromises: If banks buy a standard product, they can hardly differentiate themselves and have less influence on functionality. Conversely, if they develop their own product, they incur disproportionate expenses for development and maintenance.

Netcetera's offering is positioned exactly between custom development and standard product. Banks benefit from proven ready-to-use product modules to which they can add customized, additional functionality. 

The modular white-label approach, which can be fully extended with custom components, empowers banks to respond quickly and efficiently to customer needs. So the future is about owning without the burden of obligations; banks can save costs, stand out and still be fast to market.

Kurt Schmid

Managing Director Digital Banking at Netcetera

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