Fintech startup CLOWD9 partners with Netcetera to help combat global payments fraud

CLOWD9, the world’s first cloud native and decentralized payments processing platform has partnered with Netceteras its payment security provider. CLOWD9 will use its 3-D secure issuer service for transaction authentication and Access Control Server (ACS).

Netcetera operate a multi-client capable 3-D secure issuer service with our state-of-the-art Access Control Server as a core component, which is used by more than 200 banks and card issuers worldwide.

The 3D secure server is designed for frictionless and reliable payment processing. From a security perspective, the solution reduces risk for non-authenticated transactions, associated refunds, and lost revenue while at the same time enabling a frictionless cardholder experience.

As an issuer processor, CLOWD9 sits at the centre of the global payments system, acting as the interface between banks, fintechs and payment firms to authorise transactions and initiate payments, maintain the system of record for cardholder data, and provide settlement instructions.

CLOWD9 will be able to offer the solution to its clients worldwide, comprising a comprehensive set of tools for frictionless payments to improve the shopping experience of cardholders.

Built entirely in the cloud, CLOWD9 has removed the need for physical hardware. Its decentralised model allows virtual access to the platform around the world, via ‘instances’, with payments transactions routed to the nearest cloud instance, providing unparalleled reliability. CLOWD9 already has instances established in every continent.

The technology behind the CLOWD9 platform has been designed and built in-house, with open APIs that neobanks and fintechs can maximise to provide their customers with ground-breaking customer experiences. Its platform is uniquely built with microservices architecture, which enables CLOWD9 to scale up and down according to transactional demand, making its platform more energy efficient and resilient compared to legacy architecture.


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