Audience’s favorite of "Digital Top 10"

Analysis tool "Wüest Insights" developed with Wüest Partner

The digital analysis tool Wüest Insights, which we developed together with Wüest Partner, is one of the most innovative projects in 2019. The award “Top 10 Digital Real Estate" honors the most innovative tools that advance the Swiss real estate industry.

Another one of our projects has won an award: Wüest Insights by Wüest Partner is one of the ten most innovative projects in 2019. Wüest Insights is part of the "Wüest Dimensions" real estate valuation platform developed by us. The exclusive evaluation "Top 10 Digital Real Estate" presents the most innovative projects in the Swiss real estate industry. An expert jury selected the "Top 10" from over 50 entries. For the first time, they also conducted an audience voting: The audience selected Wüest Insights from the Top 10 as one of the four most interesting cases. The four favorites were presented at the 5th Digital Real Estate Summit on 5 March 2019.

Dr. Alain Chaney, Partner at Wüest Partner: "We are proud that Wüest Insight is among the 10 most innovative projects of 2019. Our development partner Netcetera, with its innovative power, makes a significant contribution to ensuring that our products are always at the forefront of development".

Driving innovation in the real estate sector

The Wüest Dimensions real estate valuation platform that we have implemented is the technical backbone of Wüest Partners' valuation activities. The interactive web application bundles information such as property master data, property valuations with all relevant methods, location and market information, comparison with market rents and transaction prices, construction projects or property advertisements. In 2018, we integrated the new, scalable module Wüest Insights. The Business Intelligence module significantly expands the possibilities in digital risk and portfolio management.

Wüest Insights enables end customers to analyze their real estate portfolio quickly, intuitively and ad-hoc, and compare it with market and benchmark data. The business analysis platform offers interactive maps in which the user can select properties and regions of a portfolio. At the same time, the user can relate the matching comparison data to the selected objects. The risk analysis and portfolio optimization is based on an up-to-date and well-founded data basis. This means that all functions are available in a single customer-friendly application and the evaluations are completely digitalized.

The digital analysis tool Wüest Insights

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