Digitalization of transactions with Asset Tokens

Asset tokens based on "distributed ledger technologies" (DLT) can make the business of banks and asset managers more innovative (alternative investment funds) - also in competition with FinTechs and "crypto" banks.

The value of all global assets and necessary digital transactions are impressive: If we value all global assets, the total amounts to approximately USD 205 trillion of financial assets worldwide and approximately USD 127 trillion of non-financial assets such as real estate (end of 2019). The share of so-called digital assets is still negligible today: USD 230 billion. If we assume that only 1% of digital assets will be available in 2025, a growth of 4-5% could increase to 4.1 trillion USD. (World Council, World Bank Coinbase 2019).

This is the future of digital assets

Assets can be transferred between parties using open block chain networks according to defined compliance rules. This lays the foundation for a new ecosystem of market participants (banks, business and private customers): the "tokenization of digital assets". This ecosystem is currently being formed with innovative fintechs, and more recently with larger institutions and crypto-banks that have entered the market. Established commercial banks are also embracing the trend.

For example, banks can enable their mid-sized customers to provide tokenization services by incorporating this into their product and service portfolio. This will enable them to develop innovations for their issuers and investors at the same time. This is particularly the case for Liechtenstein, where banks are applying for new licenses under the newly adopted Blockchain Act. Securities Grid Ltd and Netcetera AG are at the cutting-edge of tokenization and present feasible solutions.

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Tomaž Kovacic, Co-Founder and CEO, Securities Grid LTD, a portfolio company of the Netcetera Group

He is responsible for the development of new products in combination with securities solutions and technologies. Prior to that, he was head, manager and consultant in numerous start-ups with successful exits.

Nils Löhndorf, Securities Grid LTD, a portfolio company of the Netcetera Group

As a former investment banker for Fintech clients and consultant for the digitalization of financial service providers, his focus is on the value-added use of distributed ledger technologies for established providers in the financial sector and their clients: from private banks to fund and asset managers.

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