Visits app in Digital Real Estate Top 3

Digital real estate inspection app wins award yet again

The Visits app, developed by Netcetera for Wüest Partner and QualiCasa, cleans up at yet another competition: it has been classed in the top 3 of the Digital Real Estate awards. The app is a milestone achievement in digitalization in real estate. Visiting and inspecting a building is now more efficient, the process has been completely digitalized, and thanks to open interfaces, it is also fully integrated with our partners’ and third-party suppliers’ systems.

As part of the Digital Real Estate Top 10, the best and most promising digitalization tools in the construction and real estate industry are identified each year in the run-up to the Digital Real Estate Summit. At the end of January, the audience chose the three most innovative projects in Switzerland from the ten best. The app Visits wowed the audience here, too, and achieved a place in the top 3. Visits has already been awarded silver at the Best of Swiss Apps Award.

Visits records all important characteristics of real estate digitally and on site. For the assessment of qualitative properties, real estate experts have so far conducted inspections with paper, pen and camera. With Visits, property quality can be documented completely digitally in a simple and intuitive way, efficiently and without media breaks - a true digital transformation of existing processes.

Creating something new together

The partner companies Netcetera, Wüest Partner and QualiCasa are developing Visits in close cooperation. They started with the idea of optimizing building inspections and driving digitization and automation in the real estate market. The result is a product that creates real added value.

With Visits, the most important characteristics, such as condition, standard and materialization, can be systematically recorded and evaluated via an intuitive and fast interface during the inspection of a building. The result is a detailed report that maps the life cycles of the individual building components and forms the basis for analyses, evaluations and strategic decisions in the development, valuation, and management of real estate. Everything that the expert enters in Visits is synchronized directly and live with the valuation and management systems, including photo documentation.

Creating standards with open interfaces

The Visits ecosystem was set up to be forward-looking, sustainable, and expandable. The progressive web application can be used on all mobile devices and operating systems. Visits' open system architecture provides seamless integration capabilities: Already today, Wüest Partner's valuation platform "Wüest Dimensions" and QualiCasa's management platform "Sidac" are connected – further integrations are planned. The seamless connection of business partners enables smooth collaboration between property owners, managers, analysts, and valuers. Until now, there have been few standards for APIs in the real estate market. Visits is a foray in this direction and can address completely different systems via a unified API.

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