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Open Banking enables an open, digital ecosystem in which banks, FinTechs and other players work together to implement innovative solutions that consistently focus on customer needs. The new business models are distributed, with different parties contributing their strengths in the best possible way. The trend towards open banking is also driven by the regulator, which promotes the opening of previously closed systems. As a partner of, we are driving innovation in the Swiss banking sector.

Our goal is to provide efficient solutions for banks and a state-of-the-art customer experience for users. Since November 2020, we have been participating as a partner in the to jointly drive the development of such innovative and efficient solutions. Together, we can build an ecosystem with an open source approach that rounds off international standards in a Swiss finish (Swiss Next Gen API).

Martin Meier, Head of Innovation & Business Development Financial Technology at Netcetera, says: "We bring our 25 years of experience at the interface between banks and FinTechs/third-party providers. In addition, our digital banking and secure payment solutions create economies of scale through standardised interfaces. Thus, banks benefit from efficient solutions and users from a great customer experience." provides companies with relevant information on Open Banking and adapted API standards for Switzerland. The initiative was founded in February 2019 as a cross-organisational network to drive the development of Open Banking in Switzerland.

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