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At our first Insight event, BLT Baselland Transport AG opened their doors and gave the participants an insight into their industry and operations. With this event, we offer invited guests from the top management of leading Swiss companies a platform for the exchange of information and ideas.

With the dialogue platform Insight, we connect representatives from various industries for an insight into other companies and industries. At the first Insight event on 16 May 2019 at BLT's headquarters in Oberwil, Switzerland, there was an lively exchange on the subject of "How BLT is helping to shape the mobility market within the framework of digital Switzerland". The experts from BLT and Netcetera discussed the challenges facing the industry and pointed out possible solutions and new technologies and approaches. During the subsequent tour through the headquarters, the participants gained an insight into the control center and the BLT factory floor.

Andreas Büttiker, Director of BLT, commented on Insight: "The Insight event together with Netcetera was a real enrichment and offered the ideal opportunity to exchange ideas with other industry representatives and to network".

The presentation:

New and innovative paths in joint market development? An outlook by Oliver Aeschlimann, Head of Product & Market Strategy Digital Enterprise at Netcetera.

Some impressions:

The BLT headquarters
Oliver Aeschlimann, Head of Product & Market Strategy Digital Enterprise at Netcetera
Stephan Brode, Chief Digital Officer BLT
Andreas Büttiker, Direktor BLT
Visiting the BLT control center, a special opportunity
The BLT control center has the overview over the entire traffic of the transportation network
During the tour though the BLT headquarters
Spartkly new trams waiting to be let out on the streets

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Portfolio Owner Smart Mobility

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