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IoT platform for sustainable development is our crowdsourcing platform in the "Internet of Things" (IoT) sector. With just a few clicks, it provides information about air pollution, urban noise, temperature, or humidity wherever measuring devices are in use.


The vision of is sustainable environmental development thanks to a self-growing community. To achieve this, we have developed a platform and measuring devices that anyone interested can easily install and use to enrich data. The system analyzes the data and makes it available to everyone online. Thanks to this the communities and all those interested in the environment have the opportunity to contribute to improving the quality of life in their cities.
The network has grown worldwide since 2018: Today, is used in thirteen countries and thirty-six cities across Europe.

The core of the system is the n-things platform which combines the connection of the various data sources, scalable data storage, data analysis, interactive visualization, and finally the meaning of all collected data. The customizable containerized building blocks from n-things are the core LoRaWAN service, Wi-Fi service, third party data service, Data processing / statistics services, and additional add-ons. The data by default is being stored in an Apache Cassandra database.

The application measures air particles (PM2.5 and PM10), temperature, humidity, and noise. The measurement functions can be expanded as required. Other essential components of the solution are the actual measuring devices. Thanks to open hardware and components that are easy to find, they can also be easily installed without in-depth knowledge of the technology.

You can find out how works, how you can participate, the link to the free iOS and Android apps, and information about the technology here.

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