Cutting-edge technologies to create innovative products

Presentations at ICT Innovations Conference 2017 in Skopje

On the 9th ICT Innovations conference 2017 in Skopje, Macedonia, three of our Senior Software Engineers presented how we exploit cutting edge technologies in order to create highly innovative products.

Pance Cavkovski presented “The things network”, a community driven free LoRaWAN infrastructure, and explained how users can utilize it, working with well-known frameworks like Spring Boot and Eclipse Paho in order to create robust, scalable and secure IoT solutions. Talking about Conversational Interfaces and Machine Learning at Netcetera, Martin Mitrevski discussed the challenges engineers face while creating these mobile apps. And under the title “Extended reality” Zdravko Nikolovski presented the first projects being implemented in the field of Augmented Reality.


The presentations

“Gluing the IoT world with Java and LoRaWAN” by Panche Chavkovski

“Extended Reality” by Zdravo Nikolovski

“Conversational Interfaces and Machine Learning @Netcetera” by Martin Mitrevski

Talk to the experts

Zdravko Nikolovski

Co-Head of Engineering

Martin Mitrevski

Senior Software Engineer

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