Augmented reality opens up new horizons in vocational education and training

Augmented IT by Netcetera has developed a showcase for the use of augmented and mixed reality in the fields of vocational education and training for Bühler in Uzwil.

HoloLens enables students to explore the company's own grinding machines together directly in the classroom, in 3D and at their original size. They can move freely around the placed 3D object, open the machine and disassemble it, thereby deepening their understanding of its functionality and inner workings. In addition, participants from remote locations can be integrated into lessons regardless of location. Thanks to ARKit, the AR framework for iOS, it is possible for apprentices to study the content on their usual devices at home or on the go on the iPad or iPhone.

Bühler is one of the most innovative companies in Switzerland offering high-class vocational training. ClassUnlimited™ makes Bühler the leader in distance-independent teaching design, which allows students to be trained across continents.

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to present our showcase at the opening of the exhibition “10 Years of Apprentices Abroad”, where Reto Grob spoke on “Education in times of digitalization”.

The showcase for Bühler is based on our Augmented Reality Learning platform, which is available for Microsoft HoloLens and Apple's ARKit, and is coming soon to Google ARCore. The AR learning platform is an interactive and collaborative 3D tool. Linking the real world with virtual content opens up new horizons in education and training. The superimposition of three-dimensional models enables learning content to be deepened and better understood, as well as allowing for specific support for learners. AR leads to an unprecedented visualization of objects and interactive content. Immersive learning experiences lead to lasting and intensive knowledge gain and redefine the learning space.

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