Open doors in Zurich offices

Presentations, exhibition and sold-out IoT workshop

In and around Zurich over 50 IT companies, universities and research institutes opened their doors and welcomed about 9'000 visitors to the IT-days 2017.

On Friday, 16 June 2017, we also opened our doors. There were presentations held by our employees  – about Augmented Reality by Reto Grob, about conversational interfaces by Michael Wechner and Nico Strebel, about IT career paths by Oliver Aeschlimann and about how payment transactions in Switzerland work by Michael Pellaton.

And there was a fully booked IoT workshop by Daniel Eichhorn and Phakeernan Ratnacumar where participants built their own weather station.

In addition, we had an exhibition, where participants could try out our latest software developments.

With about 100 visitors at our offices the IT days 2017 where a great success!

Boys facinated of VR and AR (Published by
Interested audience in the sold-out IoT-Workshop (Image:
Michael Wechner and Nico Strebel talk about our their pilot projects with conversational interfaces
Reto Grob talks about the future with Augmented Reality

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