Neta’s 100th edition

Huge milestone for our IT comic character

Since 2015 our online comic series features Neta, the code girl, who ever since inspired and encouraged young people, especially women, to pursue their IT career.

We created Neta with the intention to cover the perspective of the tech community through comics. With its humor, the comic tries to reflect the daily work of a software engineer so it resonates with the people who work in the area. The goal of the comic is to encourage students to choose engineering studies at universities and in particular, to encourage women to enter this traditionally male dominated profession.

We are happy to announce that in August 2019 we reached a huge milestone with the release of the 100th edition of the comic. After more than 4 years of writing stories for Neta, she has become a recognizable character at least in the Macedonian tech scene. The presence is more than just as an online comic as Neta appears as a mentor, judge, participant or a presenter on many tech events in Macedonia. Neta’s cutoff figure can be seen on events such as the Nasa Space App challenge, Global Game Jam, CodeFu, IEEEXtreme and many others. Printed Neta comics are handed to students on many job fairs and university events, which made our IT girl popular among the future engineers.

The comic is available in English and Macedonian on the website To celebrate the 100th edition, a printed version of the comic featuring all the editions was released in Macedonia and soon it will available in the comic stores and libraries of the tech universities in the country.

Rare photo of the Neta team preparing the 100th edition of the comic
The printed edition of the Neta comics

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