CodeFu 2018 – grand finale

12th edition of the legendary programming competition

The 12th edition of the legendary programming competition CodeFu was held in Skopje on 3 June. The most successful 30 competitors from our online preliminary rounds gathered and tested their programming skills. The winner was Vladimir Maksimovski, who was also one of the youngest competitors. He, together with David Simonovski and Ljupche Miloshevski, who won 2nd and 3rd place, will travel to the Jazoon Conference in Bern, Switzerland.

This was the 12th edition of the annual CodeFu programming competition, initiated and organized every year by us. The event took place in Skopje where the most successful 30 competitors from the preliminary online rounds showed their programing skills. They competed for the grand prize granted to the best three – a trip to Switzerland to the Jazoon Tech Days.

Through this competition, many new talents have been discovered in the previous years, some of whom are now a part of the Netcetera team. The new programming talents are getting younger and younger. This year’s winner was not an exception. Vladimir Maksimovski, only 18 years old, managed to score the most points and won the first place. He even submitted his results one hour ahead of all the other competitors. David Simeonovski and Ljupche Milosheski won the 2nd and 3rd place.

Many thanks to everyone involved in the event, our external judges from the Faculty of computer science and engineering in Skopje, all the CodeFu fighters and all the volunteers. Together we are making an impact in the community, we discover new talents and we build a solid ground to grow in the future.

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