We see great potential in the decentralized approach of distributed ledger technologies to process, validate or authenticate transactions. It enables the distribution of data between all parties in the system, instead of only to the participants of a transaction.

Blokverse is a Netcetera spin-off founded to bring the DLT based platform Attainr to the market. Attainr is a secure, full-fledged platform to manage digital education credentials. It addresses the challenges in the field of education with the merits of decentralization: secure, tamper-proof creation and issuance of digital credentials which then can be easily verified by the relying parties. The inherent attributes of DLT are a great fit for the modern era’s education philosophy of lifelong learning.

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Utilizing immutability and distribution

We believe that a proper application of distributed ledger technology (and blockchain, in particular) has a great potential for a significant socio-economic impact.

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