Netcetera 3DS Server and ACS are ready for the Visa DAF program

Advancing the digital payment journey for a seamless customer experience

Starting from April 2023, Netcetera supports the Visa Digital Authentication Framework (DAF) program that cultivates an increase in approval rates and lowers fraud. Its goal is to encourage frictionless payments and successful transactions and, by this, improve the cardholders’ eCommerce experience. The company fulfils all Visa DAF criteria and ensures that its 3DS components meet the program requirements of Visa Secure.

Netcetera has passed all Visa DAF test cases provided in the Visa Secure Test Suite and received official product approval for its 3DS Server.   

All Netcetera 3DS Server customers can apply to participate in the Visa DAF program to start the registration process of their merchants and experience the benefits of the new Visa program.


The Visa Digital Authentication Framework (DAF) uses the EMV® 3DS 2.2 protocol with a Visa-specific message extension to limit the outcome of an authentication request to two options: declined transactions or successfully authenticated without challenge/cardholder interaction. There is no option for Issuers to perform a challenge for DAF transactions since Visa DAF is mandated for all Issuers by Visa, starting from April 2023. 

Netcetera renewed the Visa compliance letter for its ACS to confirm its Visa DAF support as part of the Netcetera 3-D Secure Issuer Service. Please see: Compliant with 3-D Secure card networks’ programs: 3-D Secure Issuer Service Certificates (


DAF is part of a global initiative, Visa Digital Performance Drive, to help expand Visa’s authentication rules and processing requirements to increase confidence and facilitate risk decisions to help drive increased approval rates and lower fraud.

As an early adopter of all trends and regulations, Netcetera 3DS Server and 3-D Secure Issuer service (ACS) support all the novelties and requirements initiated by the card networks and regulations mandated in the payment industry.

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