Letting Augment IT spread its wings

Netcetera’s AR department establishes as a separate company

We are pleased to announce the successful establishment of a separate company originating from one of our divisions. Augment IT, dedicated to AR solutions, has split off to found a start-up and enter the next growth stage. This development is a strategic decision by Netcetera to allow the new company to fully concentrate on Augmented and Mixed Reality solutions with employees solely dedicated to the advancement of this topic.

As of 1 July 2023, Augment IT will operate independently, bringing AR to all fields of industry to digitize their workflows. Their long-term vision and goal are to drive the XR business (which includes Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality) forward in the coming years. Netcetera wishes the start-up all the best and a prosperous future filled with success and achievements.

The Augment IT team (from left to right): Elias Remele, Julien Villiger, Reto Grob, Alain Birchmeier, Marko Bublic in the new office in Bern, Bollwerk 15, 3011

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