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Sponsorship of the first Ada Lovelace Festival in Switzerland

We supported the first Ada Lovelace Festival in Switzerland which took place on Friday, September 6, 2019 in the Alte Sihlpapierfabrik in Zürich.

The half day included an inspiring mix of technical knowledge transfer, valuable networking opportunities and mentoring coaching programs.Martina Forster, our Senior Product Manager Payment Security, lead one of the coaching programs. She talked and discussed with the participants about Stakeholder communication – gaining approval for your product strategy.

We also invited a special guest, Ada Lovelace herself. Ada Lovelace, the eponym of this event, was impersonated by an actress. The British mathematician (1815 - 1852) is now considered a software pioneer. During the festival Ada talked to numerous visitors and answered their questions.

Ada Lovelace in Zürich at Netcetera offices and the festival

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