From start-up to global IT player

Netcetera story and pizza for 25th anniversary

2021 is Netcetera's big anniversary year. What started as a start-up 25 years ago has developed into an international IT company with over 800 employees. Today, Netcetera is a major global player for software products and individual digital solutions. The eventful story of its journey there and a glimpse into the future could be experienced by notable customers at various smaller celebrations at the end of September together with Netcetera.

25 years ago, Netcetera registered in the commercial register, developed its first customer project, the very first pizza online store in Switzerland, and recruited its first employees. The start-up then grew into a global company, with locations from Europe to the Far East. The founding members Andrej Vckovski, CEO, and Ronnie Brunner, Fellow and member of the Board of Directors, who are still active in the company, told invited guests at various customer events how it all came about. The opportunity to celebrate this special event in person was greatly appreciated by all those present.

In a discussion, the founding members highlighted various stages and important milestones from the last 25 years. For example, the foundation of Netcetera Skopje in North Macedonia in 2001 or the cultural rethinking that had to take place when Netcetera introduced product development. Ronnie Brunner remembers: "The desire to program products has existed since the company was founded. However, developing ideas as products requires investments and a different mindset than developing individual software. You also have to accept that not every idea will be a success – and still try again and again. Today, over 40 percent of our revenue is already in the product area and we are the market leader for secure digital payment in the DACH region with our products, with many more customers globally."

In addition to the past, however, the future was not left out of the equation. When asked what comes next, there is a clear answer from Andrej Vckovski: "There is a big and constantly growing demand for software. But the number of people who can produce it is not increasing at the same rate. This is a great opportunity for us, and we will continue our global expansion to meet the increasing demand. The innovative power of our employees has helped Netcetera grow and stabilize in recent years and will continue to simplify the lives of our customers and humanity with useful digital solutions."

Netcetera also took the anniversary year as an opportunity to write down and illustrate its history as well as visions of the future in a creative style on about 140 pages. Many different protagonists such as founders, current and former employees, customers, and partners tell Netcetera's journey. With this exciting story, the company says thank you for the last 25 years and looks to the future with strong growth plans and a sustainable product pipeline.

Interview with Ronnie Brunner and Andrej Vckovski by Christoph Kohler (from left)
The illustrated Netcetera story with comic icon Neta
The Netcetera story corner
One of the 25year anniversary events in Zürich

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