4Quant and Netcetera drive Artificial Intelligence

Joint venture AI First launched

4Quant and the software company Netcetera have entered into a partnership to provide companies with fast and successful access to artificial intelligence (AI) applications. In February 2019, the two companies launched the joint venture AI First (Artificial Intelligence First), with which they promote the distribution of AI applications in Switzerland. Their focus is on topics such as data science and machine/deep learning, which are an important part with great potential in the field of AI. In AI First, 4Quant and Netcetera combine their many years of experience in the field of AI with their proven track record.

The use of AI-based applications brings revolutionary new opportunities for the entire economy. Netcetera and 4Quant bundle their synergies in the joint venture AI First. In doing so, they open up these new opportunities for Swiss companies to achieve business advantages. KI is integrated into the existing competencies of the two companies: In AI First, they combine their decades of experience in classic disciplines such as requirements engineering, software development, user experience and IT operations with their pioneering AI expertise. They know the market, the customers and the customers' data, and know how and where artificial intelligence can be leveraged best for business success.

Joachim Hagger, Managing Director of 4Quant and responsible for Business Development at AI First: "With AI First we help our customers to make the step from AI experiments to the benefit of AI in the value chain. 4Quant as an AI specialist and Netcetera as a potent player for enterprise software complement each other ideally".

Andrej Vckovski, CEO of Netcetera: "Switzerland is predestined to play a leading role in artificial intelligence in Europe to meet the growing demand for AI applications. We see a lot of potential for our customers in this area and want to make this market accessible to them. 4Quant complements Netcetera's AI expertise perfectly".

Identifying AI applications with potential

Most companies have data in various formats. They are often stored without further thought. AI First's experts can revive this data by identifying appropriate business use cases that can be optimized using AI techniques. They record, revise, process, and analyze any type of data to provide insights that can be turned into business value. Machine or deep learning has established itself as the discipline with the widest range of applications in the wide field of AI. AI First already has business-relevant applications based on machine learning in production.

Nithin Mathews, Senior Project Manager & Consultant at Netcetera and responsible for Business Development at AI First: "AI-controlled technologies have the potential to optimize established processes in companies and thus generate verifiable business value. To exploit this potential, companies often lack the technical and consulting knowledge. AI First offers exactly this from a single source".

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