DocDive Platform

Artificial Intelligence for a smooth working day

Ask, don’t search

Simplify the everyday work of your employees with the user-friendly DocDive platform from Netcetera. Questions can easily be asked to a digital and intelligent assistant in the chat interface. This assistant searches all information and instructions stored in the internal systems and provides the correct answer immediately and with a direct reference to the corresponding content in the original document.  

Netcetera DocDive Platform

DocDive AI platform and modules

Our DocDive platform uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) elements to make finding information easier. All modules are based on DocDive Basic. It provides the basic functionality for connecting, preparing, and processing data and is thus the foundation for the use of all other DocDive modules, which are adapted to the respective needs.

Intelligent search

Smart search uses the questions asked to search all information available in the system's stored data and documents.

Q&A from data

The user-friendly chat interface answers questions about a specific topic, extracts sources from documents and highlights relevant data, ensuring high accuracy, transparency and efficiency.

Expert questions

This module stores the company’s expertise. Anyone with a specialist question can find the answer here.

Document processing

The desired information is read from documents and converted to the defined data format. The data can then be processed in other systems (e.g., invoice processing).


This module uses speech recognition, understands spoken content and the intent, and fills out the corresponding form or template in a way that saves time.


The summarizer collects and extracts extensive information from one or more documents. The module creates a summary from this information, making a quick overview of large amounts of data possible.

Netcetera AI offer

DocDive at a glance

The DocDive platform works for all sectors and topics. For example, in healthcare, where there are countless regulations to follow, in mobility, where instructions need to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, or in finance, where regulations and compliance require a multitude of instructions to follow.


  • Information preparation using Large Language Models (LLM)
  • Traceability of the sources used and direct access to the original information


  • Integration into existing applications, no jumping back and forth between different applications
  • Connection of various data sources, e.g., archive, file system

Sale models

  • On-premise
  • Hybrid
  • SaaS

Data protection

What are your challenges?

We would be happy to work out an individual and AI-based solution for your company.

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