Improved health promotion thanks to digital transformation

Health Promotion Switzerland relies on our long-standing digitalization expertise

Netcetera and the Health Promotion Switzerland Foundation have jointly developed an application for project funding. This digital platform is used for project fundraising and cantonal action programs within the health area. Thanks to digitization, it unifies all process steps, including partially manual ones: application requests, decision-making, project implementation, and evaluation. The application benefits all stakeholders involved: applicants, experts, and Health Promotion Switzerland itself.

In a successful collaboration with Netcetera, the Swiss Health Promotion Foundation has taken a big step towards digitalization. A web application combines revised and digitized processes to promote health projects. It thus offers individuals, institutions, and cantons a platform for fundraising for health promotion projects. Efficiency, documentation, data transparency, and fewer media breaks are only a few of the major advantages of this digitization step.

The foundation supports health-promoting projects and those for preventing non-communicable diseases, addiction, and mental illness. Organizations, individuals as well as cantons can apply for these. The latter acts on the legal mandate and executes cantonal action programs. With this successfully developed application, applicants such as associations, doctors, organizations, and others can digitally record their request - the project - for fundraising. Experts check the content individually and according to complex criteria. Health Promotion Switzerland, the Confederation, and the cantons are the decision-makers making decisions based on the project information contained in the application and the evaluation. If a request gets approved, further steps are taken to implement and later monitor the project. The web application stores every step and information everything from start to finish: the project and its description, information about the request, meetings, evaluations, and information about implementation. The data is transparent for all stakeholders involved and can be viewed anytime.

Unified digital and user-friendly processes

In this project, Netcetera acted as a consultant on the digital transformation and standardized and digitalized partially manual processes. In addition, Netcetera used its deep technological know-how to develop the web application. User-friendliness and evaluability were given great importance. Further, Netcetera Identity, an authentication system developed by Netcetera covering all security standards, was used for the authentication process.

The project was successful thanks to the great communication in a pragmatic, honest, and solution-oriented partnership between the experts of Health Promotion Switzerland and Netcetera. Katharina Ackermann, Project Manager at Health Promotion Switzerland says: “Health Promotion Switzerland initiates, coordinates, and evaluates measures for health promotion and disease prevention. With this application, we have simplified some of our processes, digitized previous manual processes, and united them into one tool. This tool accompanies cantons, applicants for project funding, project sponsors under contract, evaluation institutes, and employees of Health Promotion Switzerland during the entire project and program process. It supports strategic and operational management and quality development and enables networking among the different stakeholders. The collaboration with Netcetera was inspiring and helped us to map the processes digitally in an optimal way.”

"We are proud that with this successful project with Health Promotion Switzerland, we had the chance to once again make a valuable contribution to society. The very good cooperation between the teams was key to the success of this project. We are happy to drive digitalization forward with them,” says David Krauer, Senior Product Owner Digital Enterprise at Netcetera.

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