Celebrating 15 years of success in the Middle East at GITEX

25 years Netcetera

2021 is Netcetera's big anniversary year. What started as a Swiss start-up 25 years ago has developed into an international IT player with over 800 employees and locations all over the globe. One of those locations, Netcetera in the Middle East, has its 15 years anniversary of being close to the customer to optimally serve them with cutting-edge software products and individual digital solutions. At GITEX Global conference in Dubai, 17-21 October, Netcetera is celebrating these anniversaries, and demonstrates their solutions for secure digital payments, healthcare, Augmented Reality, and digital publishing.

25 years ago, Netcetera registered in the commercial register, developed its first customer project, the very first pizza online store in Switzerland, and recruited its first employees. The start-up then grew into a global company, with locations from Europe to the Far East. One of those strategic locations is in the United Arab Emirates: The Netcetera office in Dubai is celebrating 15 years of success. To grow its business beyond the European continent, Netcetera sees their office in Dubai as the door to the Middle Eastern markets.

To celebrate both anniversaries, Netcetera is taking part in this year’s GITEX conference in Dubai, with Netcetera CEO Andrej Vckovski attending. GITEX is an annual consumer computer and electronics conference. Ramy Fouda, Director of Sales and Business Development, says: “We are happy to showcase our 25 years of ingenuity at GITEX, the biggest tech show of the year in this region. We have been serving our customers in the Middle East with high quality and high security software products and individual digital solutions for 15 years – advancing digital transformation in the region.”

Visit Netcetera’s booth if you want to:

  • Run through a digital inspection process facilitated by AR with the latest Hololens,
  • get an insight into their digital publishing solution that enables publishing companies to have a smooth transformation to an extensive digital content workflow,
  • learn how their AI-based fraud detection solution can optimize healthcare with electronic patient records,
  • and the digital payment solutions of a 3-D Secure market leader can secure your payments.

Netcetera also took the anniversary year as an opportunity to write down and illustrate its history as well as visions of the future in a creative style on about 140 pages. Many different protagonists such as founders, current and former employees, customers, and partners tell Netcetera's journey. With this exciting story, the company says thank you for the last 25 years and looks to the future with strong growth plans and a sustainable product pipeline. Get your copy of the Netcetera story at their booth at GITEX.


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Ramy Fouda

Director Sales and Business Development, MEA

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