Seamless digital customer journey

Intelligent document processing for insurance companies

Customers expect secure and seamless digital solutions that simplify administrative processes in their everyday lives. Insurance companies and their employees also benefit from the digitalization of their business processes. For insurance companies to remain relevant in the future with modern online offers, processes must be digitized and automated. Digital document management, supported by artificial intelligence (AI), has proven to be particularly suitable for this purpose.

AI, or more precisely machine learning, can significantly increase the efficiency and quality of certain processes and decisions in companies. A document management system, for example, can use machine learning methods to extract a great deal of data very quickly from documents, sort it, organize it, deliver it to other systems for further processing, and thus make it usable in the long term. This improves and facilitates internal processes and optimizes communication with customers.

Benefits of smart digital document processing:

  • Faster processing of customer business cases.
  • Cost reduction: automation of manual processes
  • Better data quality: fewer errors that can happen due to manual data entry and reduction of costly consequences.
  • More time for employees to focus on core business and value-adding activities.

Customer-friendly and seamless digital processes

Insurance companies benefit from digital offerings just as much as their customers: "There is a cost advantage due to the time saved for both users and administrators - resources are conserved and information is available much faster. User satisfaction through mobile and digital submission channels on the web and smartphone increases immediately. In addition, there is a positive spillover effect on the insurance company's brand positioning as an innovation driver," as the magazine "Versicherungsbote" writes in the article "Dokumenten-Management: Wie KI-basierte Software erfolgreich eingesetzt wird".

Netcetera Digital Document Processing closes the gap for a seamless completely digital customer journey and enables the full exploitation of efficiency gains. The system recognizes specific information from scanned or electronic documents, extracts it, and passes it on to other systems for further processing.

The digital submission of relevant invoice documents, for example, makes the process user-friendly for customers and promotes the image of a progressive insurance company. The data on these receipts, such as the receipt number, the amount, the date, and the beneficiary of the amount paid, can be scanned and read using any normal scanner and even a smartphone. The insurance company no longer has to process this information manually. This automatic readout and further processing results in time and cost savings.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, Netcetera Digital Document Processing can be trained on any document type. If you want to learn more about automating document-based processes, contact us.

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