Mobile work at the University Hospital Basel

Patient information and order entry always and everywhere at hand

At the University Hospital Basel, doctors are no longer tied to a workstation to view patient data and enter orders, e.g. for radiological examinations. The modules "Dashboard", "Patient Archive Viewer" and "Order Entry" from the Healthcare Ecosystem, which was set up together with the i-engineers, are now optimized for the use on mobile devices. This new mobile use of functions that were previously only available on stationary computers will greatly facilitate the work of hospital staff.

The University Hospital Basel has about 300 tablets, which employees use to call up information and enter orders during their patient rounds or on the way to their next appointment.

Juri Toffol, Head of the Department of Medical Services at the University Hospital, commented on this step: "We are very pleased about the successful cooperation with Netcetera. The extraordinarily positive feedback from the front line shows that we are implementing the digitization of our hospital processes in the best interest of our users."

Additionally, the dashboard is extremely flexible to configure and allows third party systems to be connected at short notice. Currently, for example, the dashboard has enabled the University Hospital to quickly make additional information related to COVID-19 available to everyone.

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