Order entry in University Hospital Basel

Success factors for more efficiency in clinical processes

The employees of a hospital place internal and external orders for many analysis and treatment steps. Moreover, this happens distributed across many different wards with different medical systems, combined with a great deal of coordination effort: everyday life in a hospital – until now. Netcetera, together with the i-engineers, has consolidated what used to be distributed across different systems into the comprehensive and independent "Order Entry" platform for the University Hospital of Basel. The order entry process will be optimized, digitized and thus more economical.

We have developed a comprehensive and independent platform for internal order processing for the University Hospital of Basel. The independent "Order Entry" solution allows all hospital employees to enter orders, such as registrations for radiology, from anywhere. In a consolidated overview, they see all orders, the status and results, such as laboratory reports. The platform from Netcetera and the i-engineers is another milestone in the digitization of hospital processes.

The University Hospital Basel is one of the largest hospitals in Switzerland with over 7,200 employees, 38,000 inpatients and one million outpatient contacts.

Juri Toffol, Head of Department Medical Services in the Digitalization & ICT department, is pleased: "Thanks to the sophisticated and innovative solution from Netcetera and the i-engineers, we can now configure order types ourselves, process orders across all wards economically and efficiently and reduce our expenses and costs.

Optimized cross-station workflow in one overview

The University Hospital of Basel can manage and configure the approximately 80 different types of orders, such as registration for laboratory analyses, radiology or consultation, and create new ones themselves. Around 2000 users enter and monitor over 3000 new orders daily. Access is also guaranteed from independent third-party applications, such as hospital information systems.

The platform offers an overview of all orders via a practical dashboard. This enables the administration and overview of all orders for a patient, simplifies the billing of services and prevents duplicate orders. Entering orders in one system also reduces the amount of training required for employees.

Healthcare Ecosystem flexible and custom-fit

"Order Entry” is part of the healthcare Ecosystem. Netcetera and the i-engineers use the constantly growing range of standardized modules to put together individual solutions and adapt them to changing customer conditions with little effort. Together with our customers, we are driving forward the digitization of hospital processes.


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