AI Banking Assistant

Customer Experience elevated with conversational banking

AI Virtual Banking Assistant for the ultimate Customer Experience

The incorporation of chatbots has transformed conversational banking, serving as a crucial catalyst in the financial industry's advancement. This transformation is driven by the quest for an improved customer experience, increased operational efficiency, substantial digitalization efforts, and a commitment to enhancing financial literacy.

An AI banking assistant empowers you with personalized, conversational, and efficient mobile and web banking services at your fingertips.

The Future of Banking: Conversational and Powered by Generative AI

An AI banking assistant that can:

  • search through transaction history
  • analyze transactions
  • block a credit card
  • offer relevant advice
  • make transactions between accounts

All while in conversation with your customer!

API-based banking chatbot solutions on mobile and web

The API is provided with instructions, banking data, and transaction history for on-topic conversations. There is also a middleware layer that anonymizes personal data and an AI layer that validates the answers for compliance. 

Actions such as blocking a credit card or making a payment transaction, need to be confirmed by FIDO-based authentication for secure identity verification.

Your benefits

Competitive advantage

Stand out from your competitors and lead the way in the modern banking landscape

Round-the-clock support

Offer round-the-clock, cost-effective solutions to support and empower your customers

Enhanced customer experience

Capitalize on the benefits of enhanced customer experience in your digital banking channels

Sensitive user data is not shared with external LLMs

There is a Privatization layer that anonymizes the user data before it is sent to the external LLM and maps it back before showing it to the user

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