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Let your customers experience the future of mobile payment with digital wallets

Mobile payment card management tailored to your customers’ needs

Increase your card revenues by offering your customers a state-of-the-art mobile payment experience and added value with Netcetera’s highly configurable, fully brandable, and secure mobile wallet.

Our mobile wallet app is available both on Android and iOS and is compatible with global card schemes like Visa and Mastercard. With its toolbox approach, you can select exactly the modules and features that you need. No need to worry about whether your internal development capacities are sufficient to develop an app or if you should start a lengthy and costly project with a third-party provider to come up with a mobile solution from scratch: Our ready-made app enables fast time-to-market and with longstanding domain expertise, we are your reliable partner, taking care of the whole development process from UX design to go-live.

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Mobile Wallet

A mobile wallet is a digital application or platform that allows users to conduct financial transactions via mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. It acts as a virtual wallet (also called an "e-wallet") where users can securely store their payment information and use it for contactless transactions.

HCE (Host Card Emulation) Payment

Keep control of all the digital touchpoints of your customers’ payment experience by enabling your mobile app to carry out contactless payments

  • Our HCE tokenization solution for Android devices is independent of manufacturers and Google Pay – all data remains private and stays in control of the customer
  • Enables payment card digitization using a pre-defined SDK and backend operated according to the latest security standards
  • Easy and fast integration into your existing app or as part of our ToPay Mobile Wallet to activate NFC payments immediately and independent of OEM wallets on any Android device
  • Fully certified by major card networks like Mastercard and Visa and ready to add more token services

We also offer this feature as an SDK, which can be easily integrated into your existing app.

Payment Cards Management

Our central dashboard for easy access to all card related functions

  • Overview and basic details of all payment cards including card images in your design
  • Securely display sensitive card details (full PAN, PIN, CVC)
  • Easily change card settings (3DS, block/unblock card, set limits, etc.)
  • Supports digitized as well as purely virtual cards and instant issuing


More and more people use their mobile devices for contactless payments. With our x-Pay module, you can keep the customer interface and offer your clients the mobile payment solution of their choice: Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other OEM wallets.

  • Enables customers to tokenize and enroll their payment cards from the secure environment of our app to their favorite wallet without the need to manually enter their card credentials
  • In-app and push provisioning to trigger the enrollment process directly from within our app
  • In-app and app-to-app verification enables additional authentication in our app
  • Direct link to the payment function to initiate mobile payments with a specific card

Click to Pay Push Provisioning

Click to Pay makes it easy for consumers to check out as a guest in online stores. Our Click to Pay Push Provisioning solution allows your customers to enroll their payment cards securely and conveniently directly from our app within seconds.

  • Enables seamless enrollment in Click to Pay directly from our app without the need to manually enter card credentials or cardholder details
  • In-app promotion possibility with customizable widgets
  • Less friction and more security during enrollment with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)
  • Available for all major card schemes supporting Click to Pay (Visa, Mastercard, etc.)

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P2P Payments

Our future-proof Peer-to-Peer Payments module for fast and easy money transfers

  • Scheme-agnostic front-end functionalities to support P2P payments
  • Compatible with real-time payment schemes, like SEPA Instant Credit Transfer
  • Support of remittee proxies, like phone number instead of IBAN
  • Already successful on the market with the custom solution ZOIN (


The ToPay Mobile Wallet comes with numerous authentication methods, compliant with latest compliance and technical standards, usable for login as well as for specific in-app use cases (display sensitive card data for example)

  • Login with credentials (user ID, password, PIN), one-time password (OTP) or OIDC
  • Supports OTP via SMS as well as Push Authentication, combinable with other authentication methods
  • Device-dependent biometric login (fingerprint, TouchID, FaceID)
  • PSD II and FCA compliant 2-factor authentication with device binding (SCA)


With the Transactions module, customers get an overview of their pending and executed payments on an issuing account or card level and can retrieve all relevant details for each transaction directly in the app

  • Aggregation possibility to see transactions of multiple cards associated to an account
  • Flexible, extendable, and issuer-tailored displaying and categorization options (icons, fees, dates, etc.)
  • User-friendly and extensive search capabilities
  • Enables display of enriched transaction data like merchant details or e-receipts

ToPay 3DS Out of band Authentication

Based on our proved ToPay Mobile Wallet framework we offer an out-of-the-box, PSD II and FCA compliant card transaction authorization solution.

  • White-label single service app for 3-D Secure transaction authorization
  • Integrated Transakt SDK for out-of-band authentication flow
  • Thanks to 2-factor authentication, compliant with current regulatory requirements (SCA)
  • Supports online and offline authentication with QR code

Coming soon: ToPay Green

Customers are increasingly environmentally conscious. With our white-label feature, we offer the opportunity to make the ecological consequences of individual consumption transparent on the basis of transaction data and to show possible solutions.

  • Calculation and display of CO2 emissions, freshwater consumption, and corresponding social costs based on the customer's transaction data
  • View the carbon footprint in different categories on a monthly and card basis in our Climate Dashboard
  • Possibility to offset the CO2 footprint by investing in certified, sustainable projects (e.g. reforestation)
  • Awareness raising and playful education using tips and gamification functions

We also offer this feature as an SDK, which can be easily integrated into your existing app.

App Takeover Prevention SDK

When the Customer registers to a new mobile phone, our SDK identifies the device and during the enrollment process a link (created by our backend service) is sent to the cardholder. The cardholder can click on the link (available only for a limited time period), enables the device were the registering started in the first place to complete the enrollment.

Your benefits

White label for easy customization

No matter whether you are a merchant offering payment cards, an issuer, BIN sponsor, or a processor serving several issuers: Experience a smooth and easy design process and multi-branding capabilities

Fast time-to-market

Our ready-to-use app enables fast go-live, plus numerous in-built customization options also allow for product differentiation

Flexible setup and integration

Standard mobile app, custom UI, or third-party modules - with our integration layer we make connection to your backend systems simple

Secure and compliant

Our app complies with the latest security and regulatory standards – from biometric login to payment authorization with 3-D Secure SCA

Recognized reliability

Netcetera is a registered and certified partner of Mastercard and Visa, and part of the EMVCo Board of Advisors co-creating the future payment landscape

Mobile and Digital First

Supporting you in all stages of your customers’ digital payment journey: Enable your customers to acquire, use, manage, and engage with their payment cards on our app

Your customers’ benefits

24/7 self-service

No need to wait on hold or worry about the availability of customer service - with our app your customers have all services always at their fingertips: Block or unblock cards, enroll cards to wallets like Apple Pay, change limits, and many more

Personal Financial Management

Enable your customers to get back in the driver’s seat of their financial management – by setting limits, optimizing notifications, financial overviews, in-app retrieval of statements, etc.

Mobile payment

Payment habits have changed permanently. Our app offers a convenient, safe, and fast option to pay contactless at every card POS using the mobile device’s NFC interface

Enhanced security

Usability and security are not mutually exclusive: Your customers can trigger tokenization of their cards directly within our app to benefit from a safe and convenient online payment experience going forward.

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