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AI: Options for banks and insurance companies

Artificial intelligence is one of the relevant trends for the future strategic orientation of banks. Generative AI in particular is changing the business models of banks and insurance companies. (Language: German)

S01E05: How to Mitigate App Takeover Without Adding Friction?

Experts Matthias Salmon and Matthias Mittermair tackle app takeover fraud! Discover how banks can fight fraud without disrupting the customer experience. Learn about a simple integration process and how it quickly pays off for banks losing money to fraud.



Enhancing mobile app security against app takeover

Customers expect nowadays a fully digital customer journey. To protect those journeys against a growing of number cyber-attacks, banks must have the right solutions in place. Learn how in the article by Tobias Ott, Head of Sales Digital Banking at Netcetera.

Juniper Research Mover & Shaker Interview with Tobias Ott

Juniper Research interviewed Tobias Ott, Member of the Management Team, Digital Banking Division at Netcetera in August 2023 as part of their Movers and Shakers interview series.

Competitor Leaderboard 2023-2028

How can providers decide out of the many white-label options on the market? Juniper Research has stepped in with a definitive leaderboard of the top providers - and Netcetera is one of them. 

Is Mobile Banking boring? Not necessarily.

The importance and usage of Mobile Banking Apps have greatly increased in recent years, making them a central contact point between clients and banks. 

The next generation of Digital Wallets

Whitepaper produced by Mobey Forum’s Digital Wallet Expert Group.

ESG Banking: Tech-Driven Strategies for Social Appeal

Learn how banks can adapt their strategy towards ESG banking with technology to appeal to conscious customers.

How will ISO 20022 impact banking and payment transactions?

By 2025, ISO 20022 is expected to become the universal standard for high-value payment systems of all reserve currencies. 

AI Banking Chatbots can blend the SuperApps concept with data power to shape the future of digital banking

Traditional banking services are undergoing a remarkable transformation in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. As with digitalization, very little will remain untouched, and though it is unlikely to change what banking does, they will dramatically transform how it does it.

Embedded Finance: Transforming the Banking Value Chain

A report by Mobey Forum's Payments Expert Group with contribution from Netcetera's Thomas Fromhertz.

GenNext Banking – embracing the digital and sustainable future with Gen Z

In an era marked by rapid technological advancements and shifting societal norms, the banking sector faces new challenges in adapting to the expectations of younger generations. 

How AI-based banking assistants can improve financial inclusion and accessibility

Financial institutions are beginning to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve various aspects of their business.

How to ensure compliance and privacy in AI-based digital banking solutions

With the hype around AI reaching new heights, the potential to transform digital banking is bigger than ever. 

Digital Banking Trends 2024: What banks should prepare for

The digital banking landscape is constantly evolving. While some trends such as cryptocurrencies and metaverse have lost momentum, 2023 has paved the way for new trends. 

Buy Now, Pay Later: Where banks stand in the evolving BNPL market

More and more people are using Buy Now, Pay Later in e-commerce. In this article, you will learn how banks can use BNPL to strengthen customer loyalty and how it can be implemented.

Enabling customers to track digital payment credentials

Despite the convenience of card-on-file transactions for recurring payments, many consumers have security concerns, experience checkout friction, or lose track of where their credentials are stored. This presents an opportunity for card issuers to provide easy-to-use tools for consumers to view and manage their digital payment credentials – and, in the process, gain the much-coveted top-of-wallet position.

Network tokenization: the key to seamless, trusted CX

How can online merchants and payment service providers design the e-commerce customer journey so it delivers both improved security and a better checkout experience? Network tokenization has emerged as the clear answer.

Going frictionless with one-click checkout

Businesses are constantly looking for ways to streamline their customers’ online checkout experiences – and so minimize the number of carts they abandon. To help address that challenge, the world’s most popular payment card networks have joined forces to create Click to Pay, making express checkout a universal, intuitive, and secure experience.

How super wallets can turn banks into digital stars

To counter disruption from innovative challengers and meet the new demands of customers, traditional banks need to view digital wallets as much more than just places to process payments. By creating compelling “super wallets, they can be present across many more aspects of their customers’ lives.

Click to Pay- One-click checkout, no log-in, no fuss

With Click to Pay, customers can complete a transaction with just the click of a button. It's a seamless, user-friendly way to accept payments while protecting sensitive card information.

Current trends in digital payment

The area of digital payment is in constant flux, which is why it is important to keep an eye on current trends. Our experts discuss the latest developments and topics in the news.

FF Virtual Arena: Reclaiming The Wallet

Kurt Schmid, Managing Director Digital Banking participates in a panel discussion on digital wallets, the opportunities they present, how they can help place banks back in focus for customers tempted by new fintech products. Discussion with Alex Gatirigas from G+D and Alex Bowen from HSBC.

Digital payment trends and opportunities

Our own Kurt Schmid, Managing Director Digital Banking comments on upcoming payment trends, including sustainability, super wallets and AI alongside Maude Prévert-Augustin from G+D.

The rise of digital identity wallets: will banks be left behind?

Whitepaper produced by Mobey Forum’s Digital Identity Expert Group, with contribution from Netctera.

Key drivers in User Experience for Card Payments

Learn about the latest trends in user experience in the card payments process, with talking points like tokenisation, Click-to-Pay and delegated authentication.

Building better lives in Austria

An analysis of the evolution of digital payment in Austria, its challenges and how it can benefit Austrians in their daily lives, with commentary from our own Kurt Schmid, Managing Director Digital Banking. Content only available in German.

Episode 15 of P19 Payment Podcast

Learn about the insights on payment trends, mobile payments, and how to introduce new payment options on the market.

Best practice for customer interfaces in payment & banking

Creating customer-friendly issuer apps & wallets - Currently, apps for mobile banking and payment are the most important way for banks to stay in touch with their customers.

Best practice for issuer apps & wallets

This webinar presents the best practice example and the UX design of functions to meet new requirements of consumers that want to be in control.

Mobile payment from a bank’s perspective

Your own app or Apple Pay and Google Pay? Mobile banking apps are currently the most important channel for banks to stay in touch with their customers. However, customers expect more functionalities from such apps than just account balance inquiries and transfer options.

What can e-wallets do for you?

A closer look at wallet payment in Europe

Technology blueprint for the financial world

Opening the banking system and creating a peer-to-peer structure: distributed ledger technology (DLT) may disrupt and replace the hierarchical structures in the world of financial transactions.

From closed property funds to open digital assets

Crypto Assets / Digital Assets can open up the world of real estate financing for private investors based on blockchain protocols. This enables attractive participation in real estate with secure token offerings.

How to monetize distributed ledger technologies (DLT) based asset tokens as issuer?

This webinar in Q&A format explains the upcoming use-cases of digital assets tokenization like shares, real estate or investment funds. 

Digitalization of transactions with Asset Tokens

Asset tokens based on "distributed ledger technologies" (DLT) can make the business of banks and asset managers more innovative (alternative investment funds) - also in competition with FinTechs and "crypto" banks.

Why blockchain disrupts all industries

Blockchain is disrupting all industries, since it is a general purpose technology. Elena Karafiloski presents use cases in health & education.

Digital identity on n-blocks: New economy of digital identity

The capacity to prove your identity is a fundamental component of the economic, financial and social development. Even though identity seems to be a national concern, a global identity controlled by government authority is not a plausible option in the short term. 

The battle for conversational interfaces

Conversational interfaces are sometimes very useful, but the acoustic language is not always the best option. We may overestimate the acoustic language without realizing that we often communicate better and more efficiently by other means.

Netcetera and Entersekt implement FIDO authentication standard for PLUSCARD - A first in Europe

Secure unlimited online credit card payments without a mobile device

FIDO and Secure Payment Confirmation

Progress on 3-D Secure to benefit merchants and issuers

Machine Learning powered risk classification to detect waste, abuse and fraud in health insurance claims

 The availability of large amounts of data and affordable computing power helps spur new research that contributes to the increased interest in this field.

European payment perspectives 2022

What to expect from the European payment landscape in 2022? What innovative technologies will shape the payment industry? Learn which digital payment trends to watch out for in 2022.

Value Added Service around payments

The payment process can be made more attractive for consumers by offering services that bring extra value. In this webinar we will give an overview of such Value Added Services (VAS); explain how issuers, merchants and other providers can offer up-selling and further consumer benefits around payments; show best practice examples of VAS implementations around payments.

Value-added services: Enhancing payment processes for customers

The business case for processing payments has come under severe pressure. As a result, providers face the challenge of processing as many transactions as possible to increase their revenues and achieve economies of scale on the cost side.

Six awards at the Best of Swiss Apps 2022

At this year's Best of Swiss Apps event, six projects created in cooperation with Netcetera received awards.

Netcetera, Juniper research 2022 winner

Platinum for the ToPay Mobile Wallet, Gold for Click to Pay

EPI and the digital euro

Strengthening the European payment industry