Digital identity on n-blocks

New economy of digital identity

The capacity to prove your identity is a fundamental component of the economic, financial and social development. Even though identity seems to be a national concern, a global identity controlled by government authority is not a plausible option in the short term. To achieve successful solutions for this complex issue, businesses need to start acting locally and to collaborate with each other and the government.

This paper, written by our blockchain expert Elena Janevska, explores the challenges of digital identity and the potential of blockchain technology to solve those challenges. It reviews the history, challenges and new economy of digital identity and a decentralized identity ecosystem on n-blocks.

The first part of the paper defines digital identity attributes and the lifecycle, as well as the roles of public and private sector players. The second part reviews the history and evolution of the digital identity and demonstrates that decentralized identity is the next step in the identity evolution. The paper illustrates a solution of decentralized identity ecosystem using n-blocks and it lists the benefits the new digital identity economy will bring.

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Elena Janevska

Senior Project Manager Digital Enterprise

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