Start-up Blokverse launched

Blockchain platform to manage digital education credentials

We launched the Netcetera spin-off Blokverse. Blokverse focuses on bringing decentralization to the mainstream by delivering solutions using distributed ledger technology (e.g. blockchain). The start-up brings “Attainr”, an education credentials platform, to the market.

Blokverse is a Netcetera spin-off founded to bring the DLT based platform Attainr to the market. Attainr is a secure, full-fledged platform to manage digital education credentials. It addresses the challenges in the field of education with the merits of decentralization: secure, tamper-proof creation and issuance of digital credentials which then can be easily verified by the relying parties. The platform Attainr covers all these aspects: secure and reliable creation and issuance of credentials for the education providers, full control of their accomplishments for the recipients, quick and verifiable source for the relying parties.

We see great potential in a DLT’s decentralized approach to process, validate or authenticate transactions. It enables the distribution of data between all parties in the system, instead of only to the participants of a transaction. These inherent attributes of DLT are a great fit for the modern era’s education philosophy of lifelong learning.

Applying benefits of DLT to address current needs

“DLTs have been a hype topic in the past few years and everyone was talking about it. We actually implemented a real-life platform that addresses current needs and benefits from DLT characteristics such as immutability and distribution. With the launch of the spin-off Blokverse we are focusing our activities in this area with a dedicated company.” says Andrej Vckovski, CEO Netcetera.

Vladimir Simjanoski, co-founder of Blokverse and former Netcetera management team member says: "We believe that a proper application of distributed ledger technology (and blockchain, in particular) has a great potential for a significant socio-economic impact. In the next few months, we are set to deploy our Attainr platform for the management of digital educational credentials. Based on the merits of decentralization, Attainr addresses the long lasting challenges in the field of education: secure, tamper-proof creation and issuance of digital credentials which are easily verified by the relying parties. It is very exciting for us to contribute to the already wide array of offerings that the Netcetera companies provide."

Igor Simjanoski, co-founder and CTO of Blokverse adds: "We're taking a serious look at various blockchain solutions: from public to permissioned, taking into account the underlying economic and technological implications. The particular context mandates the requirements and drives the respective approach. It is our goal to deliver a flexible platform on top of the open standards that works in a different set of circumstances."

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