New partnership in the Middle East

Teaming up with NEM to strengthen the ME blockchain market position

We are happy to announce our partnership with NEM. Together we will work in innovation and marketing of applications based on blockchain technologies. We plan to increase the number of use cases for the benefit of our customers in various industries.

Recently, we launched the n-blocks platform, harnessing the power of blockchain to revolutionize document handling and service delivery for governments and businesses. The platform itself is based on the NEM technology realizing its big potential and advantages over other similar solutions based on blockchain. The partnership will reinforce our position as an early adopter of this technology in the region and prove NEM’s leadership as a distributed ledger platform.

“Netcetera will be a great addition to NEM’s enterprise partners. Their strong presence in the EU and our collaboration with them will allow NEM to extend its reach to the Middle East,” says Dona Rinon, NEM Middle East Leader.

We have been extensively exploring blockchain potential in the past three years and showcased n-blocks for the first time at this years’ Gitex Technology Week. “We have developed n-blocks in our innovation labs. n-blocks brings smart document handling for businesses and government, leveraging blockchain to create secure and error-proof auditable record keeping” says Kiril Milev, our Managing Director at Netcetera Middle East. “The tight collaboration with NEM will allow us to create top-notch blockchain solutions for contemporary businesses and governments.”

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Ramy Fouda

Director Sales and Business Development, MEA

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