Banking App Takeover
Prevention SDK

Empowering Secure Device Onboarding

In an era where fraud poses significant financial and reputational risks, our portfolio offers tailored solutions to combat various types of fraud.  Understanding that the human element – the customer – represents the weakest link in security, the out-of-band authentication (OOB) approach prioritizes reliability and compliance with regulatory standards, recognizing that it's not the technology itself but the end-user vulnerability that needs addressing.

Enhancing your solution performance for a seamless digital customer experience

App Takeover Prevention SDK functions as an independent component within our ToPay Mobile Wallet solution, with a primary focus on secure device onboarding. It does not only enhance current implementations, but it does so also while minimizing investment requirements. It is a cost-efficient solution that aligns seamlessly with our customers' digital transformation goals, providing them with a end user experience they can be proud of.

Technology isn't the weakest link, it is the human factor - the customer

The customer changes their phone, a typical event that occurs approximately every 1.5 years. After this upgrade, the banking app provided by the financial institution needs to be "re-bonded" (Secure Device Binding).

SMS-based OTPs are vulnerable to phishing attacks, where fraudsters trick users into revealing their OTPs through fake messages or websites.

Once fraudsters have obtained the customer's name, username, password, card details, and other relevant information, the SMS code acts as the final puzzle piece that completes the picture for a successful account takeover.

An SDK for the mobile app and a backend service

During the registration of a new mobile phone, the App Takeover Prevention SDK identifies the device. Throughout the registration process, Netcetera's backend service conducts a risk assessment and based on this evaluation, sends a secure link to the cardholder.

There's no need to alter the customer's behavior or introduce a new workflow, ensuring a seamless customer experience. Your customers will love it. 

Even if the fraudster manages to persuade the customer to obtain the link, our risk engine will detect suspicious activity/fraud patterns and act accordingly!


Improve the performance of your existing solution!

Proven solution that is already implemented and in operation

Less effort invested into solution finding

Less effort needed for development of own solution

Quick integration with bank’s backend and any banking app

Podcast: How to Mitigate App Takeover Without Adding Friction?

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Webinar: Give Fraudsters no Chance

Watch the recording of our webinar and learn from our experts Matthias Salmon and Matthias Mittermair how you can protect your customers and your reputation with the Netcetera App Takeover Prevention Module.


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